High volume replication is an excellent option when large quantities, low-cost, and sufficient lead-times are the driving factors in ordering your optical discs.  Or when low volume, fast turn is the order of the day, and a higher unit cost for that service is acceptable, optical duplication can also be a viable choice.

But what about those situations when you want to keep costs down even though you don’t need – or you can’t anticipate – higher volume distribution, but you still need smaller quantities on a repetitive basis?

Allied Vaughn’s Microreplenishment services were introduced to provide that bridge between traditional replication and duplication scenarios.  By up-loading your content to our Media-On-Demand servers we can streamline the production process, efficiently process reorders, and by producing in 30-unit case lot quantities, we can deliver just-in-time CD and DVD Manufacturing from 1 to 500 copies, at a price point that keeps costs to a minimum.

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