Allied Vaughn’s proprietary Media-On-Demand technology has revolutionized the media delivery industry.  There’s no longer a need to produce and warehouse physical media, with the hope that eventually that inventory will be sold and/or distributed. Even the most obscure titles can be digitized, stored, and delivered at a fraction of the cost of maintaining and managing physical inventory.

Our technicians prepare and place your content on our secure servers, making it available for purchase and/or distribution via the Internet 24/7/365.  It completely eliminates the out-of-stock and back order frustrations experienced by operations using traditional sales channels, and makes obsolete inventory a thing of the past.

Allied Vaughn’s integrated Media-On-Demand technology and  volume distribution services provide just-in-time DVD and CD manufacturing starting with just one copy, as an alternative to traditional optical replication.  Physical media are only produced as they are ordered – and paid for.  A single point-and-click transaction triggers the order, initiates production, schedules the shipping, and collects the money.

On-Demand manufacturing provides all these benefits….
– On-line ordering by retailers and catalogers
– Produced and shipped as ordered
– Serves as a supplement to replication/duplication
– Fills gaps in selection and inventory – no back orders, no out-of-stock
– Catalog depth is maintained with limited exposure to costs
– Product is made when it is SOLD

No inventory – no warehousing – no missed business opportunities!

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