What is Intelligent e-Commerce Distribution?

Only a select group of new release and catalog 4K, Blu-ray and DVD titles receive in-store placement. For more than 98% of titles, online retail provides the only sales opportunity. Allied Vaughn Entertainment maximizes that opportunity by managing both the end-to-end supply chain as well as 100% of the sales channels for you.  We’re the only packaged media distributor who does.

From asset preparation, to authoring and manufacturing, to retail and consumer direct fulfillment & distribution.  We take all this off your plate. With in-house and external manufacturing, we never run out of inventory and never charge you for what isn’t sold.  Monthly revenue with no charge backs, and no returns.

Our channel sales team works directly with Amazon, Walmart and every packaged media distributor and sales outlet that matters.  We offer included marketing programs as well as optional ways to collaborate with our team to drive  greater sales.

The result?  More than 300 studios, television networks and film distributors have chosen AV Entertainment with over 26,000 titles under license.  

Why it Works

Conventional supply chains for packaged media developed nearly 40 years ago.  They made sense then.  And, they can still serve the handful of blockbuster titles that get in-store placement.  For the other 98% they’re cumbersome, costly, and can inhibit e-commerce success.

We designed our Intelligent e-Commerce supply chain to specifically serve and drive online sales – eliminating dozens of steps between the consumer and fulfillment of their purchase.  It lowers costs while improving customer experience and sales.  Including revenue from titles that otherwise wouldn’t get to market. 

Intelligent e-Commerce  works.  To the point where AV Entertainment has earned Amazon top supplier status for packaged media.    

How it Works

At AV Entertainment our philosophy is “you say yes, we do the rest”.  Once under license, you’ll receive a dedicated onboarding representative who guides you and your titles through the process.  You simply provide the required video/art assets and metadata and we take it from there.

  • Access the same in-house design and authoring services we provide to Sony, Warner Bros, Paramount and others, a la carte at cost-effective rates.
  • We manage all title onboarding at wholesale and retail to ensure availability where today’s consumers shop and buy.
  • Our sales and marketing team works with both you and retailers to drive merchandising, awareness and promotion – including co-branded e-commerce stores where you can send traffic and conduct special promotions national retailers can’t do.

When orders flow in we handle all manufacturing and fulfillment.  You receive monthly sales reports and royalty checks every quarter. Sound appealing?  Click here and connect with our content acquisition team to learn more.

Need Digital Distribution?

AV Entertainment distributes to over 70 digital platforms.  Yes, we can handle both your digital and packaged media sales.  To learn more, download AV Entertainment Distribution 2021  

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