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Content Owner Value

As a content owner, you invest in every title. If you’re a film maker or studio, you put in your passion, talent, time…. and funding.  For a distributor, acquiring the rights and preparing to market a title represent no small investment either.  Time.  Risk. Money. It’s all there.

With that investment made, your title is ready to be enjoyed. This is an exciting time! But, it’s not without challenge.

  • Only a select group of new release and catalog DVD and BD titles receive in-store placement. For more than 90% of titles, online retail provides the sales opportunity.
  • It can be difficult to cut through the online clutter and expose your title to its target audience.
  • Predicting sales and spending money on inventory, shipping inventory to retailers and one stops – all with the risk of returns or stock outs.

The good news is today’s entertainment sales channels have changed.  As have the supply chains serving them.

  • Allied Vaughn’s manufacturing on demand supply chain serves all major and specialty retailers and distributors. We never run out of inventory and never charge you for what isn’t sold.  Monthly revenue with no charge backs, and no returns.
  • We work collaboratively with you to execute our Title Launch Playbook marketing program designed to maximize sales results.
  • We then add the power of Movie Zyng. An AV technological e-commerce breakthrough that provides you with marketing flexibility and toolsets you need to access plus-business consumers no other retail channel can reach.
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MOD Business Model

Flexibly delivering content to users when they want it turns an asset into revenue. Allied Vaughn pioneered the “zero inventory” Manufacture On Demand (MOD) of physical media products beginning in 2000. Today, the MOD segment represents over 50,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles in the consumer market, with titles available via MOD increasing 10X in the last 6 years and millions of units sold.

Our clients include major film studios, distributors, and television networks as well as publishers, faith based organizations, major corporations and many independent filmmakers.

Allied Vaughn also revolutionized the concept of “Microreplenishment”, the logical approach to managing inventories of shelf kept DVD, BD and CD products. Using MOD technology, Allied Vaughn works with your organization to create a “just in time” workflow to deliver just the discs you require to fulfill orders. No need to replicate in minimum quantities of 500 or 1000.

Microreplenishment insures you have product in stock and “ready to ship”, delivering the best ROI possible for minimized inventory workflows.

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Digital Business Model

Allied Vaughn offers a unique digital distribution program aimed at monetizing your titles in as many digital sales channels as possible.  We make your titles available to over 75 TVOD, SVOD and AVOD platforms, as well as proprietary subscription and ad supported OTT channels.  We also provide the opportunity for platforms to choose your titles for exclusive and non-exclusive flat-fee licensing agreements – all approved by you in advance.

Our digital program is a cost effective, streamlined process to publish your digital video assets across all possible platforms and consumption methods. We provide a single process and a single point-of-contact for releasing your titles digitally – so that you can focus on your core business of acquiring and producing new programming for consumers.

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Movie Zyng: eCommerce Made Easy

Movie Zyng is a turnkey eCommerce platform that integrates the vast Allied Vaughn catalog or a curated selection of movie, film and episodic content for your website. Our platform may be branded with your store name and integrated with Allied Vaughn’s movie metadata and DVD/Blu-Ray artwork. Your Movie Zyng-powered store is supported through Allied Vaughn’s MOD manufacturing and Direct to Consumer fulfillment operations to satisfy all your eCommerce sales. With a fully integrated affiliate network, your store’s Google Analytics and Marketing Sales Analytics including traffic and customer information are provided to support your DVD eCommerce Sales.

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