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MOD Overview

Flexibly delivering content to users when they want it turns an asset into revenue. Allied Vaughn pioneered the “zero inventory” Manufacture On Demand (MOD) of physical media products beginning in 2000. Today, the MOD segment represents over 50,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles in the consumer market, with titles available via MOD increasing 10X in the last 6 years and millions of units sold.

Our clients include major film studios, distributors, and television networks as well as publishers, faith based organizations, major corporations and many independent filmmakers.

Allied Vaughn also revolutionized the concept of “Microreplenishment”, the logical approach to managing inventories of shelf kept DVD,BD and CD products. Using MOD technology, Allied Vaughn works with your organization to create a “just in time” workflow to deliver just the discs you require to fulfill orders. No need to replicate in minimum quantities of 500 or 1000.   Microreplenishment insures you have product in stock and “ready to ship”, delivering the best ROI possible for minimized inventory workflows.

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