Authoring and Asset Preparation Services

Allied Vaughn’s Entertainment Group provides a host of asset preparation services including:

  • DVD authoring
  • Blu-ray authoring
  • Disc and wrap art preparation

You provide the digital video file, key art, billing memos, and work order spec’s.  We prepare the assets for subsequent manufacture.

With experience in high-profile projects like the 25th anniversary Blu-ray edition of Sleepless in Seattle, our team can handle complex jobs.  If your goal is managing costs for a lower volume title, we can assist there, too.  With templated authoring approaches that deliver faster ROI.

Content Owners like Fox, MGM, Gunpowder and Sky, Cinedigm, and many more look to Allied Vaughn for authoring and asset prep.

While these services are fee-based, for many titles, we’re able to deduct the fees from royalties.  Minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.  To learn more, contact us below.

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