Volume 6 Issue 2 – Colin Hank’s stirring documentary, “All Things Must Pass”

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Volume 6 Issue 2
Studio and Retailers, in this week’s issue we salute Colin Hank’s stirring documentary, “All Things Must Pass” and its fond look at Tower Records and that company’s impact on music and music retailing. Star-studded and compelling, this is proving to be January’s runaway hit!

A significant month of releases accompany FilmRise’s catalog of new BluRay titles, including new Hallmark, National Geographic, Sonar and DIY titles from Cinedigm. FOX and MGM continue to add rare classics to their libraries for the collector and Indy Studios Monarch and All Channel deliver thrills, drama and horror in their new set of releases.

2016 is starting on an aggressive note of expanding DVD and BD titles for retail- contact us on how we can bring your content to market free of the traditional restrictions of inventory management, procurement and ROI forecasting!

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Editors Note: 
As many of my studio and retailer friends know, I celebrated my 35th year with Allied Vaughn with a trip around South America, culminating in a hike up to Machu Picchu. While I did not find an ancient Inca mystic high up there who would unravel the mysteries of the future of physical and digital media retail, I took some time to reflect and appreciate our company’s evolutionary progress over the last decade while gazing down 9000 foot chasms.

Much like the explorers who came across this lost city in the clouds, Allied Vaughn has pioneered new technologies and strategies to support filmmakers, studios and retailers with a model that insures no title is made unavailable for consumer ownership due to low velocity sales.

I’m proud to be part of this organization and look excitedly at the year to come as MOD continues to be the fastest growing sales channel opportunity for media retail. For those interested, at the end of the hike, I did meet a gent in a long robe and he mentioned that on my death bed, I will achieve total consciousness, so I got that going for me. 

Filmrise Releases Tower Doc
 “All Things Must Pass”


818522014067    All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records    2015    “This historic musical documentary, directed by film and TV all-star Colin Hanks (“”Dexter,”” “”Fargo,”” “”King Kong””) explores the rise and fall of Tower Records and chronicles its legacy, forged by its rebellious founder, Russ Solomon. Featuring exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes interviews with rock legends including Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl. Bonus features include deleted scenes and additional interviews — from the legal battle to preserve the old Tower Records location, to a history of its famous marketing murals on Sunset Blvd. ”    Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, Russ Solomon, Chris Cornell, Heidi Cotler, Chuck D.
Also on BluRay!

818522013992    All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records(BD)   


889290490360    Trucker(BD)    2009    “Trucker Diane Ford, (Michelle Monaghan, “”Source Code””) a lively and successful independent truck driver, leads a happy-go-lucky life of long-haul trucking, one night stands and all-night drinking. That is until the evening her estranged 11-year-old son, Peter is unexpectedly dropped at her door. Peter hasn’t seen his mother since he was a baby and wants to live with Diane as little as she wants him, but they are stuck with each other at least for now, while his father, Len is in the hospital. Burdened with this new responsibility and watching the life of freedom she’s fought for now at risk, Diane steps unwillingly into her past and looks sidelong at an uncharted future that is not as simple or straightforward as she had once believed possible. A-list actors, Nathan Fillion (“”Castle,”” “”FireFly””) and Benjamin Bratt (“”Despicable Me 2″”) co-star. With this Blu-ray, you can watch how the cast prepared for their roles and see a special behind the scenes slideshow.”    Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt

889290490346    Lovely, Still(BD)    2010    “Lovely, Still  Alone in life, Robert Malone (Martin Landau, “”Ed Wood””) faces the wintry snow on the walk from his job at the grocery store to his home, only to find a stranger in his house. What begins as an awkward encounter quickly turns into what appears to be a new chance for romance, and the elderly couple’s love affair takes us on a heartfelt journey that reveals an unexpected twist. Co-starring Elizabeth Banks (“”The Lego Movie””), Adam Scott (“”Step Brothers””) and Ellen Burstyn (“”Interstellar””). This Blu-ray comes packed with exclusive interviews with Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn, and a bonus featurette and commercial spot.”    Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Banks, Martin Landau, Adam Scott

889290490261    Local Color(BD)    2009    “Local Color An artist, John (Trevor Morgan, “”The Sixth Sense””) reflects on the summer of his defining year, 1974, when he befriended an elderly, alcoholic yet brilliant painter, (Armin Mueller-Stahl, “”The Game””) who had turned his back on his art and his life. Together, they give one another a priceless gift. The student learns to see the world through the eyes of an artist, while the master remembers how to see past the ugliness in life and appreciate the beauty.  With a masterful cast that includes Armin Mueller-Stahl (“”Shine””), Ray Liotta (“”Goodfellas””), Charles Durning (“”The Sting””), DIana Scarwid (“”Pushing Daisies””) and Samantha Mathis (“”Under the Dome””).This special Blu-ray edition includes exclusive interview with the cast and behind the scene featurettes.”    Armin Mueller-Stahl, Ray Liotta, Charles Durning

889290490407    Stiffs(BD)    2010    “Stiffs “Frank Tramontana (Danny Aiello, “”Once Upon a Time in America””), is a hearse driver who unwillingly finds himself involved in a scheme his co-workers have devised: a series of unfortunate accidents designed to clean up the neighborhood and fill their funeral parlor with much needed customers. As the body count rises, they stumble their way through the side-splitting antics of this new business plan.  But things get a bit difficult and problems are further exacerbated when Frank’s provocative ex-wife reappears to give Frank a dose of reality. SFilled with familiar faces like Jon Polito (“”Miller’s Crossing””), Lesley Ann Warren (Victor, Victoria””) and Frank Vincent (“”Goodfellas””) This Blu-ray includes a special behind the scenes featurette: About “”The Family”””    Danny Aiello, Lesley Ann Warren, Jon Polito
889290490278    Redemption for Robbing the Dead(BD)    2011    “Redemption for Robbing the Dead A lawman whose daughter has recently died is assigned custody of a notorious grave robber. Against the deadly Utah desert terrain, the antipathy of a community and his own prejudice, he must, in some way, keep a marked man alive. Featuring thrilling performances by Jon Gries (“”Taken””), Margot Kidder (“”Superman””) and Edward Herrman (“”Gilmore Girls””).This Blu-ray includes behind the scene interviews with the entire cast & crew and an exclusive in-depth look into the production design of the film.”    Edward Herrmann, Margot Kidder, Jon Gries

889290490353    The Secrets(BD)    2007    “The Secrets Naomi, (Ania Bukstein, “”Rabies””) the eagerly religious daughter of a powerful rabbi, persuades her father to postpone her marriage for a year so that she might study at a Jewish seminary where she befriends Michelle, a free-spirited and equally headstrong fellow student. When the two encounter a mysterious, ailing foreigner with a disturbing past, they begin a dicey journey into forbidden realms.
This special Blu-ray edition comes packed with behind the scene footage and bonus scenes that didn’t make the final cut. ”    Fanny Ardant, Ania Bukstein, Michal Shtamler

889290480880    The Lie(BD)    2010   The Lie Once an idealistic young man with artistic aspirations, Lonnie (Joshua Leonard, “The Blair Witch Project”) is trapped and isn’t aware of it. Working at an unfulfilling job, he longs to become a musician. When his wife, Clover (Jess Weixler, “Teeth”), is presented with a career opportunity that could provide them with the stability she always wanted. Lonnie cannot muster the resolve to endure another day at work, so he tells a lie a life changing lie that he cannot take back.     Joshua Leonard, Jess Weixler, Mark Webber

889290490285    I Am Comic(BD)    2010    “I Am Comic  Through bizarre backstage access and unbiased interviews, the film goes through the absurd world of the working comedian and reveals a crazy and laughable psychological profile of its practitioners. We also follow retired comic Ritch Shydner’s attempt to get back on stage after a thirteen-year hiatus. At the top of his game in the 1980’s, Shydner had HBO specials, had shot five pilot TV shows and made multiple late night appearances but the big time baffled him. Equipped with the collective wisdom and nutty musings of over 80 of his peers, he gives it another shot. Does Ritch have what it takes to connect with today’s young crowds and still get the laughs? “”I am Comic”” features intimate interviews with comedian icons such as Tim Allen, Louis C.K. and Sarah SIlverman. This Blu-ray features loads of additional featurettes and a hilarious music video.”    Tim Allen, Louis C. K., Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Silverman, Tom Arnold

889290490254    C.O.G.(BD)    2013    “C.O.G In the first-ever screen adaptation of an essay written by acclaimed writer David Sedaris, a privileged and cocky college grad travels to explore the world. But when his friend unexpectedly bails on him at an apple farm David, portrayed by Jonathan Groff (“”Frozen””, “”Glee””) finds himself stranded and forced to get his hands dirty. “”C.O.G.”” is a colorful and hilarious coming-of-age tale of personal misadventure.”    Jonathan Groff, Corey Stoll, Denis O’Hare, Troian Bellisario, Dean Stockwell, Casey Wilson
889290453754     The Good Student(BD)    2006    The Good Student  When Ally (Hayden Panettiere, “Heroes”), a popular local teen goes missing, her small suburban town erupts in panic. Mr. Gibb (Tim Daly, “Wings”), a geeky teacher with a known obsession with Ally, becomes the main suspect when it is revealed that he was the last person to see her. “The Good Student” is a captivating thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end!    Tim Daly, Hayden Panettiere, William Sadler

889290480989    Caught Inside(BD)    2010    “Caught Inside  In search of paradise a group of young surfers voyage to a remote spot off the Australian shore hoping to experience the ultimate waves. But as they go further into deep waters, the isolation and pressure pushes one of them over the edge, causing violent outbursts and deadly fights for survival. Featuring stunning surf footage and a hot young cast, “”Caught Inside”” will entertain audiences as they sit restlessly on the edge of their seats.”    Ben Oxenbould, Daisy Betts, Sam Lyndon
889290490315    Meadowoods(BD)    2010    “Meadowoods In a sleepy and boring small town, three college students, desperate to make their mark, plan a savage and brutal murder. Electing to keep a video journal to memorialize their bizarre pact, they plot in secret, devising a homemade death chamber that will allow them to see, hear, feel and linger over their victim’s agony and final moments of life. Then, chosen at random, a fellow student becomes this victim when she is to receive perhaps the most violent and horrifying of all fates. The default leader of this frightening trio directs the physical and psychological terror, even as contention and hostility within the group threaten to jeopardize their twisted plan, culminating in a crazy and chilling conclusion. “”Meadowlands”” showcases thrilling performances by Michael Downey (“”The Whole Truth””) and Kerry Goodwin (“”The Master””). This Blu-ray edition includes a terrifying, never-before-seen alternate ending.”    Michael Downey, Michelle Roe, Ila Schactler

889290490322    Country Remedy(BD)    2007    “Country Remedy In order for big-city doctor Evan Gibbs, (Cameron Bancroft, “”General Hospital””) to get the job of a lifetime, the workaholic single parent must spend his summer in the mountains of North Carolina preparing a clinic. Arriving in Dunn’s Rock with his ten year-old son, Evan discovers what is most important to him and learns to enjoy the simple things in life. “”Country Remedy”” is an award-winning and uplifting story of the unbelievable power of family and community.”    Cameron Bancroft, Bellamy Young, Aidan Mitchell, Joshua Leonard, Amber Benson

889290453815    The Sasquatch Gang(BD)    2006 From the creators of “Napoleon Dynamite”, “The Sasquatch Gang” is a fantastical, obscure and hilarious comedy full of outrageous shenanigans and laughs! When science fiction enthusiast, Gavin (Jeremy Sumpter, “Friday Night Lights”) ventures into the woods, he stumbles onto some mammoth footprints and a large turd. Could this be the infamous Sasquatch? As the investigation goes underway, two dim-witted locals, Zerk (Justin Long, “Accepted”) and Shirts (Joey Kern, “Super Troopers”) hatch a ridiculous scheme to profit from the situation.    Justin Long, Jeremy Sumpter, Addie Land, Joey Kern, Rob Pinkston


Monarch Films New Releases

828364836239 Dead Retribution  When Detective Seamus Kilpatrick is killed in the line of duty, he is brought back to bring his killer and whoever is involved to justice. Stars Jason Allen, Laurin Anderson, Rebecca Barras

609538265730 Hidden Agenda  Set in Miami, Florida, veteran Detective Matthews (Hans Hernke) gained his reputation by solving cases from his office, but when an aggressive sadistic serial killer threatens his city, he is forced to leave the confines of his precinct to hunt for him and a helpless kidnapped victim. As time is running out, his personal life and career begins to unravel and crumble around him in this crime/thriller story that tests the very limits of the human psyche! Stars Hans Hernke, Adam Barnett, Cameron Bigelow


All Channel Films Releases Slaughterhouse 30th Anniversary Directors Cut on BluRay!

660845990753    Stuck Outside of Phoenix   2015    Stuck Outside of Phoenix, the adaptation of the novel by Refreshments’ co-founder Art Edwards, is a timeless story of a young man trying to make his way in the world. Set in the early 90s in Tempe, AZ–a music scene that would soon take the world by storm, juxtaposed with the burgeoning Grunge scene of Seattle– we follow a 21-year-old bassist through frustration, romance, anxiety and indecision as he tries to find his path through the vagaries and pitfalls of rock n’ roll. Brandon Hannifin, Kat Bingham, Kristie Austin

889290247780    Slaughterhouse: 30th Anniversary Director’s Cut  BD-25  1987    A crazed meat packer, Lester Bacon, takes his revenge on the Lakeside townspeople responsible for his bankruptcy.  Using “Buddy”, his maniacal son, he cuts a bloody swath of death and destruction during the town’s annual “Pig Out” Festival.  Can Sheriff Borden put the pieces together and save the town, his daughter, and her friends from the clutches of a madman…and Buddy!!! Joe B. Barton, Don Barrett, Sherry Leigh

889290431547    Ghost Phone  2015  William Pierce (Nelson Franklin) is a practical, rational man who suddenly finds himself face to face with the paranormal when he begins receiving phone calls from the dead on the cell phone his recently deceased fiancee (Melissa Ordway) leaves behind.   Nelson Franklin, Melissa Ordway, Anne Gee Byrd

Cinedigm New Releases from Hallmark, Sonar and DIY

883476142814    The Gambler Returns – The Luck of the Draw  1993 The Gambler Brady Hawkes is back and he’s about to lose his primary means of livelihood, when a law banning gambling is about to be passed. But in honor of that there’s going to be one last great poker game and all what one needs to join is one hundred thousand dollars. A madame named Burgundy Jones along with four other madames is willing to put up the money for Brady but first he has to compete against four other gamblers in the end it comes down to Brady and a man named Cantrell. Brady barely beats him. So he, and Burgundy, and an old friend of his, Ethan Cassidy sets for the game which is in San Francisco. But Cantrell’s a sore loser and is following them hoping to get the money so that he can join the game. Also following them is a band of outlaws who were planning to steal the money but Brady left with it before they got there. And along the way they encounter and/or are aided by some famous individuals like Wyatt Earp, The Rifleman, Cheyenne Bodie, Diamond Jim Brady, Bat Masterson, Judge Roy Bean, and President Teddy Roosevelt. Brady is also feeling that he might not have what he has to win; it seems that some time ago in Europe he lost a big game to an Englishman, and by strange coincidence he is also at the game.  Sonar  Kenny Rogers; Reba Mcentire

883476147376    A Ring by Spring     2014    Business consultant Caryn Briggs (Rachel Boston) is still single at 30, but is in no rush to wed. She’s always been skeptical about marriage, thinking the commitment would mean throwing away her future. She has let a string of steady boyfriends get away in favor of her own freedom. When she attends a fundraising event with friends Gregg (Chad Krowchuk) and Stephanie (Ali Liebert), she playfully agrees to have her fortune read at a charity booth run by soothsayer Madame Rue (Stefanie Powers), who ominously predicts Caryn will have an engagement ring by spring, or she’ll never marry. Caryn doesn’t give much thought to Madame Rue’s fortune as she starts a new job with friendly, laid-back boss Tom Halsey (Kirby Morrow), with whom she has a lot in common. But when Stephanie and Gregg’s fortunes come true, Caryn worries she might be closer to a ring than she thought from her uptight boyfriend, Bryce (Chris Jacot). With Caryn suddenly very nervous about an impending proposal, Bryce shocks her when he breaks up with her instead, claiming she isn’t marriage material. Finally faced with the truth, Caryn must admit to herself she needs to get over her fear of lifelong commitment. With spring approaching fast and no ring in sight, Caryn wonders if Madame Rue meant to doom her to a lifetime alone and must learn that the true sacrifice isn’t getting hitched, but giving up on a real, lasting love. Hallmark Channel    Stefanie Powers; Rachel Boston; Kirby Morrow

883476147741    Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters   2014  Jennifer Shannon has an eye for antiques and a mind for solving mysteries.  When she buys a storage unit at auction, she has no idea she’s opening the door to murder, and realizes the killer is after something in the storage unit. Stolen diamonds, antique Teddy Bears and handsome strangers are the clues to solving the crime.    84:00    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries  Lori Loughlin; Sarah Strange; Steve Bacic; Brendan Meyer; Kevin O’Grady

883476147369    June in January  2014  June Fraser (D’Orsay) has envisioned her wedding day her entire life and even managed to plan every detail with her loving mother, Kathryn (Anne Marie DeLuis, “Cedar Cove”), before Kathryn’s passing only a few years ago. Now an adult, June has met Alex Blackwell (Brown), a handsome attorney who hails from a very well-to-do family, with his intimidating and icy mother, Diana (Henner), at the helm. After an exciting New Year’s Eve engagement, June can’t wait to plan the June wedding she’s always wanted to honor her mother’s memory with and she starts using a portfolio of bridal magazine clippings she created with Kathryn as a guide. Then, when Alex suddenly receives a job offer in Cleveland and needs to move right away, he asks June if they can move the wedding date up to January-just three weeks away! In a panic, June and Alex accept Diana’s offer to host the wedding at the Blackwell’s gorgeous home, giving Diana the footing she needs to plan the event her way. June tries to salvage her special day and pull off the perfect summer wedding she’s always wanted despite the chilly calendar change and Diana’s cold calculating scheming.  Hallmark Channel   Brooke D’Orsay; Wes Brown; Marilu Henner

883476146133    Rehab Addict Season 1  Nicole Curtis is saving historic houses, one broken-down fireplace at a time. Working in Detroit and Minneapolis, Nicole takes ramshackle homes from the wrecking ball to their original stunning glory. Whether it’s managing her rugged crew or wrangling city officials, this single mom wields her hammer with skill and returns condemned properties to their place as the pride of the neighborhood.   DIY Network   

883476142821    The Great Easter Egg Hunt    2005    “Jump In” and celebrate the promise of springtime in this animated adventure filled with toys, animals, music, and fun, which reminds us all to be thankful for the life we’ve got.  Peter’s grandmother sends him an Easter basket with a stuffed bunny known as Whiskers, who becomes the envy of the other toys, because he’s taken to school and they stay home.  After a dog snatches Whiskers from the playground, he meets some real rabbits who tell him about a magic egg that The Easter Bunny hides, which grants a wish when it is found.  Peter’s life is threatened by a high fever, so Whiskers and his fellow toys set out on a colorful quest to find the egg and save him.  Sonar 
883476142845    Rio Diablo    1991    A bounty hunter with an unsavory past is on the trail of a gang of murdering bank robbers, he is joined by a native farmer whose sweet young bride has been kidnapped and taken hostage by the odious outlaws.  Stars of country music fill out the cast of this made-for-TV western.  Kenny Rogers plays a bounty hunter who sets off with his newlywed partner (Travis Tritt) to track down the kidnappers who ran off wtih Tritt’s wife (Laura Harring).  Sonar    Keeny Rogers; Travis Tritt; Naomi Judd; Brion James; Bruce Greenwood

883476143200    Snow White   2000    From the quixotic imagination of writer/director Caroline Thompson (The Addams Family, Edward Scissorhands) come a truly visionary retelling of the classic fairy tale, Snow White.  From the relentless pursuit of a baleful queen to the deliverance of the princess by a charming prince, this splendid rendition showers you with magical mirror slivers, thrills you with tumblings of wicked curses, invites you to a strange haven carved in the hillside, and endears you to the seven odd gnomes who inhabit its heart.  Inspired by the original tale of the Brothers Grimm and enhanced by the magnificent special effects of Lee Wilsom, this epic fantasia of dark wonder, quixotic flights of fancy, spellbinding romance, and awesome spectacle is truly the fairest version of them all. Sonar Miranda Richardson; Tom Irwin; Vera Farmiga; Clancy Brown; Vincent Schiavelli; Warwick Davis; Jose Zuniga; Michael J. Anderson; Kristin Kreuk

883476143217    The Colt  2005  It’s 1984, and the First Michigan Cavalry is stranded in a Virginia forest, choked by smoldering fires and chilled by the cries of falling men.  Among those stranded in this hell is a soldier, Jim, with his beloved mare Jen.  When Jen gives birth to a colt, the desperate cavalry receives it as a gift of hope.  But after the mother and fola are stolen, Jim’s mission to retrieve them only leaves him lost in the darkness, with a dying enemy on his hands.  In order to honor the Union Reb’s last wish, Jim then embarks on a remarkable journey that will test the courage of a country and pay heartrending tribute to those of God’s creatures who are blessedly innocent to the careless ways of man. Sonar  Ryan Merriman; Steve Bacic; William MacDonald

883476142838    Pinocchio   2008    This is the definitive adaptation of a masterpiece about a boy who learns how to be a son and a man who learns how to be a father.  Set amongst the beautiful vistas of 19th Century Tuscany, Pinocchio is the tale of a yound boy brought into the world by magic and utterly unprepared for what his new life has to throw at him. On this voyage of sel-discovery Pinocchio (Robbie Kay, Hannibal Rising) invites danger at every turn, much to the heartbreak of the father who created him from wood, Geppetto (Oscar Winner Bob Hoskins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit).  Pinocchio’s misadventures find him hunteed by assassins, wishked away to the tempations of the Land of Toys, transformed into a donkey, placed center stage at a traveling circus and swallowed by a giant shark. Plaqued by shame, regret and the ever-present possibility of further corruption, Pinocchio’s only chance of redemption and happiness is to find his way back to Geppetto.  Sonar   

883476092409    Jack and the Beanstalk   2001    Once upon a time, “Jack and the Beanstalk” was a fairy tale, but for Jonathan William Duncan Robinson (Jack, for short), it’s a part of his history – a gaint secret buried in the Robinson family closet for centuries.  In order to undo the ancient curse, Jack must return to a different place and time; a fantastic world where fairy tales come true.  Here, a handful of beans really can produce magic, a goose reallly can lay a golden egg, and a beanstalk does indeed reach into the heavens where immortal giant lives, breathes, and swears vengeance for all eternity. Prepare yourself for the larger-than-life truth behind a modern-day fable that reaches new heights in fantastic entertainment. Sonar    Matthew Modine

883476143194    Johnson County War  2008    In Wyoming’s first year of statehood, the Hammett brothers – Cain (Tom Berenger), Harry (Luke Perry), and Dale (Adam Storke) – find themselves in the middle of a rapidly escalating range war that pits old-time cattle barons against homesteaders who have moved onto the grazing lands.  When the cattle barons commission a hired gun, Hunt Lawton (Burt Reynolds) as marshal, they instruct him to drive the small holders out through fear and intimidation. But it’ll take more than that to make the Hammett brothers run. When the barons declare an all-out war, will the bonds of family prove stronger than the forces of  power and greed?  Sonar    Tom Berenger, Luke Perry, Adam Storke, Burt Reynolds

883476143187    Fidel  2002    The fascinating story of Fidel Castro’s untold rise to world power comes to life in an ambitious and revealing four-hour miniseries, Fidel. With his raised fist, emblematic greens, and cigar, Castro has become an icon.  But who is the real man whose ideology shakes the world?  Fidel chronicles the revolutions, public and private tragedies, economic woes, and political discontent leading  up to his still-powerful reign today, as an inscrutable man unyieldingly committed to his beliefs.  Spanning 60 years of an explosive life, this timely, thrilling collection unveils the true story of Fidel Castro, one of the world’s most controversial leaders   Sonar Victor Huggo; Martin Gael; Garcia Bernal; Patricia Velasquez; Cecilia Suarez; Manuel Sevilla; Maurice Compte


MGM Limited New Releases       

883904329831 Foxfire Light 1983 Joanna, a recent college graduate, decides to leave her manipulating mother and stay within the Ozarks in order to find herself. What she finds is a small town filled with romance and the promise of love. Stars Barry Van Dyke; Burton Gilliam; Faye Grant; Lara Parker; Leslie Nielsen; Tippi Hedren


FOX Television Releases Spy Thrillers

024543115540  Danger Has Two Face 1967 A compilation of episodes about international intrigue, spies, double agents, and the high-life of the rich. Mark Wainwright, the exact double of an American agent Peter Murphy (Robert Lansing plays both roles), catches the attention of the KGB. They assume he is the spy and so they kill Wainwright. When Murphy sees his exact double slain, he takes on the man’s identity and finds himself in the role of an international financier and playboy. Murphy’s able to fool people with his deception, however Wainwright’s widow, Eva (Dana Wynter), eventually realizes that something is amiss. She keeps the secret, and starts to fall in love with Murphy and allows the ruse to continue. As Murphy lives the elaborate lifestyle, his covert operations become tricky and dangerous, even putting his own cover in jeopardy when he reveals to the U.S. government intelligence the identity of an East German double agent. Robert Lansing; Dana Wynter; Murray Hamilton; Alexander Davion
024543115526  Iron Curtain  1948  This Cold War story tells the true tale of Igor Gouzenko, an ordinary code clerk working in the Soviet embassy in 1940s Canada. When Gouzenko realizes his government is trafficking atomic secrets through his office, and that his Canadian hosts are less of a threat to peace than his Mother Russia, he steals classified documents and decides to defect.          Stars Dana Andrews; Gene Tierney; June Havoc; Berry Kroeger; Edna Best


National Geographic New Releases

727994958024  Monster Fish Season Fish biologist Zeb Hogan heads off for more adventures searching for the world’s largest freshwater fish. This season he looks for everything from giant bird-eating catfish in the South of France to the king of the Alaskan rivers, the Chinook salmon. Following legends, first-hand accounts, and word of mouth, Zeb’s journey won’t stop until he discovers the world’s true monster fish.       
727994958017  The Strange Truth “The Strange Truth presents bite-sized stories documenting the world of the wonderfully weird, as experts weigh in on bizarre factoids drawn from the arenas of history, culture, and biology. From spiders living on your face, to bizarre theme parks, to missing nuclear bombs, you’ll be surprised to learn The Strange Truth!
727994958000  Call of the Wild  Today, technology pulls us farther from nature than ever before. Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Most children are outside for less than an hour a day. For the first time, more than half the world lives in urban environments. But some people are rebelling, reaching back to the land and carving out lives in the wilderness. Are we actually hardwired to heed the call of the wild?


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