CD and DVD continue to be the media of choice for a wide variety of applilcations, and Allied Vaughn remains the preferred supplier for companies across the country.

With both Replication and Duplication services, we’re able to respond to requests for both high volume runs and low volume, quick turn projects.

High Volume Replication

Are you getting the best prices and service for your high-volume (1,000+) CD and DVD requirements?  Allied Vaughn’s Replication services have been structured to deliver exactly those results. The automated injection molding process used for replication provides the high-speed environment that allows us to drive prices down while delivering the highest quality available.  

Make sure to ask about our latest, highly competitive pricing for CD’s and DVD’s  – especially on orders over 10,000 units.  We say latest because the CD / DVD world is constantly changing.  With over forty years of experience in media production, we know how to continually monitor the market, work with our partners, and maximize value for our clients. 

Low Volume, Quick Turn Duplication

For shorter lead times, or when you only need 10, 50 or 200, duplication is the best choice for manufacturing your CD’s or DVD’s. We know our clients have varying needs for volume and turn time, so we offer this solution as a closely linked alternative to our replication services.

Duplication is the process of burning content onto pre-made CD-R’s or DVD-R’s using laser technology. CD-R’s & DVD-R’s are specially made optical discs that consist of a layer of polycarbonate, coated by a photo-receptive dye and followed by a reflective metallic layer. The burning process utilizes laser technology to alter the surface to form the pits and lands of the disc. This procedure is followed by a bit for bit verification process of each duplicated (burned) disc to ensure that an exact clone of the master title has been produced.

Allied Vaughn works diligently to leverage the many advantages CD-R and DVD-R media provide.  We use advances in technology to streamline our recording processes and shorten our lead times.  And, the tremendous increase in order volume we’re experiencing results in lower media costs from our vendors, allowing us to provide market leading pricing as well.

Contact us for a quote Discs@Allied Vaughn and tell your Allied Vaughn representative about your DVD and CD requirements.  We’ll respond with our recommendation for the technology best suited to your particular needs.