Whether you’re a first time visitor or a long time customer, you’re bound to find something new as you navigate through our site.  That’s because our business is literally changing on a daily basis – just as your’s probably is.

The communication paradigm of even a few years ago has already shifted, and Allied Vaughn has moved decisively to position itself at the forefront of that shift.  Our industry leading Media-On-Demand technology is opening the doors to thousands of titles for both entertainment and industrial applications.  Without the constraints of costly inventory and warehousing, virtually any content can be delivered without concern for obsolescence or non-recoverable expenses.

Our proprietary Asset Management and Library Services have allowed Fortune 500 companies to efficiently identify, catalog, and distribute massive collections of varied media resources at the touch of a button.  The more control you have over these resources, the more valuable they become, and the investment that has been made in creating them is returned many fold.

And not to completely abandon our rich history in physical media, we of course can provide industry-leading price and performance when disc based media is needed.  Both CD and DVD Duplication and Replication, along with a full line of packaging options, are available.

Of course the need for properly prepared files and masters is vital to taking advantage of our entire range of products and services.  Our experienced Authoring / Asset Preparation technicians can accommodate any analog or digital content and convert it to the appropriate format, whether the need is for a highly sophisticated interactive application or a standalone file.