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Allied Vaughn Retailer Collection
Exclusive DVD, CD and BluRay Titles
Volume 6 Issue 3
BluRay continues it’s march to physical media preference as we usher in Spring with a significant release schedule from Warner, FilmRise and other studios remastering high demand titles to the quality format. As consumers enjoy their new 4K home theaters, it is BD disc that nicely upscales for a rich entertainment experience and our title growth and our retailers sales points to that trend.
If you’re not considering Allied Vaughn as your BluRay distribution option, either as a content owner or retailer, let’s discuss the options and opportunities that exist for your business!

Also, don’t overlook featuring our broad catalog of Easter and St. Patty’s day films and documentaries on your store for adding some spring to your sales.
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Warner Archives New Releases
Hollywood’s most beloved films now remastered on BluRay and available from Allied Vaughn

888574379421    Big Sleep,The (1946) (BD) (MOD)    1946    Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
888574379445    Key Largo (BD) (MOD)    1948    Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
888574382025    George O’Brien Western Collection (1938-1940) (MOD)  1938-40  George O’Brien,
888574388508    Lady of the Tropics (1939) (MOD)    1939    Robert Taylor (I), Hedy Lamarr,
888574388515    White Cargo (1942) (MOD)    1942    Richard Carlson, Frank Morgan
888574353339    Family Matters: The Complete Fifth Season (MOD)  1993-94  Reginald VelJohnson,
888574367893    I Confess (1953) (BD)(MOD)    1953    Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter
888574373962    The Angel Wore Red (1960) (MOD)    1960    Ava Gardner, Dirk Bogarde
888574373979    The Angry Hills (1959) (MOD)    1959    Robert Mitchum, Stanley Baker
888574374136    Go Naked in the World (1961) (MOD)    1961    Gina Lollobrigida, Tony Franciosa
888574374181    Rhino! (1964) (MOD)    1964    Harry Guardino, Shirley Eaton, Robert Culp,
888574374235    Take the High Ground (1953) (MOD)    1953    Richard Widmark, Karl Malden,
888574374297    Watusi (1959) (MOD)    1959    David Farrar, Taina Elg, Rex Ingram
888574374303    The Whip Hand (1951) (MOD)    1951    Raymond Burr, Elliott Reid
888574373870    A Mighty Wind (2003) (BD)(MOD)    2003    Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy
888574378653    The Cowboy and the Lady (1938) (MOD)    1938    Gary Cooper, Merle Oberon,
888574378660    Edge of Doom (1950) (MOD)    1950    Dana Andrews, Farley Granger
888574378684    My Foolish Heart (MOD)    TBD    Dana Andrews, Susan Hayward,
888574378691    The Real Glory (1939) (MOD)    1939    Gary Cooper, David Niven
888574378707    These Three (1936) (MOD)    1936    Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon, Joel McCrea
888574373986    Arctic Flight (1952) (MOD)    1952    Wayne Morris, Lola Albright, Alan Hale, Jr.,
888574373993    Desert Pursuit (1952) (MOD)    1952    Wayne Morris, Virginia Grey
888574374006    The Desperado (1954) (MOD)    1954    Wayne Morris, Jimmy Lydon
888574374174    Mexican Manhunt (1953) (MOD)    1953    George Brent, Hillary Brooke
888574374198    Sierra Passage (1951) (MOD)    1951    Wayne Morris, Lola Albright
888574378240    Lawman: The Complete Fourth Season (MOD)    1961-62    John Russell
888574347512    Night Will Fall (MOD)    2014    Helena Bonham Carter, Jasper Britton
888574367756    Climb and Angry Mountain (1972) (MOD)    1972    Fess Parker, Marj Dusay,
888574369217    The Hostage Heart (MOD)    1977    Sharon Acker, Stephen Davies
888574369224    The Wrong Man (BD)(MOD)    1956    Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle,
888574369163    Affairs of Annabel / Annabel Takes a Tour (MOD)    1938    Jack Oakie, Lucille Ball,
888574369194    Fifty Million Frenchmen (MOD)    1931    William Gaxton, John Halliday
888574358884    Forever: The Complete Series (MOD)    2015    Ioan Gruffudd, Judd Hirsch
888574369170    Gold Dust Gertie (MOD)    1931    Winnie Lightner, Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson,
888574369200    Her Majesty, Love (MOD)    1931    Marilyn Miller, Ben Lyon, W.C. Fields
888574367503    Ice Pirates (BD)(MOD)    1984    Robert Urich, Mary Crosby, Michael D. Roberts,
888574369187    General Spanky (MOD)    1936
888574367497    Growing Pains: The Complete Seventh Season (MOD)  1991-92  Alan Thicke,
888574368906    Roughshod (1949) (MOD)    1949    Robert Sterling, Gloria Grahame
888574367770    Station West (1948) (MOD)    1948    Dick Powell, Jane Greer,
888574368920    The Younger Brothers (1949) (MOD)    1949    Robert Hutton, Bruce Bennett,
888574368913    Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942) (MOD)    1942    Bruce Cabot, Betty Brewer,

HBO Releases “Toe Tag Parole”      

888574378714  Toe Tag Parole: To Live and Die on Yard A explores one prison’s handling of the nation’s extreme sentencing policy: life without the possibility of parole. Faced with the largest population of men serving life sentences, the California Department of Corrections developed an experimental, racially integrated program for lifers. Under the program, inmates at the California State Prison in LA County are given the opportunity to earn certain privileges by committing to uphold an integrated environment that is free of the violence and illegal drugs that dominate prison life. Directed by Oscar winning documentarians Alan and Susan Raymond and filmed entirely on Yard A known as the The Honor Yard, Toe Tag Parole examines the only such program in the United States, which offers access to education courses, art and music therapy, and peer groups focusing on such issues as anger management. Participation in this program gives these men a chance to accept the severity of their crimes and the pain they inflicted upon their victims, while still being granted the possibility of creating a positive life for themselves, even knowing that in all likelihood they will never return to society

Filmrise New BluRay Releases
newly mastered on BluRay Disc, contemporary films of all genres for all audiences


818522014500    Hollywood Chaos(BD)  2013  Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Tyler Lepley,        
818522014517    Daddy’s Little Girl(BD)    2014    Billi Baker, Michael Thomson, Allira Jaques       
818522014524    Madrid 1987(BD)    2012    Jose Sacristan, Maria Valverde, Ramon Fontsere      
818522014531    The Dark Place(BD)    2014    Blaise Embry, Sean Paul Lockhart    
889290453747    Saugatuck Cures(BD)    2015    Max Adler, Danny Mooney, Judith Chapman        
889290453761    Kinyarwanda(BD)    2011    Cassandra Freeman, Edouard Bamporiki,
889290453808    Speechless(BD)    2012    Qilun Gao, Jian Jiang, Pierre-Matthieu Vital            
889290453822    The Odd Way Home(BD)    2013    Rumer Willis, Bruce Altman
889290453853    A Cry From Within(BD)    2014    Eric Roberts, Cathy Moriarty, Robert Vaughn   
889290480897    House of the Witchdoctor(BD)    2014    Bill Moseley, Allan Kayser,
889290481009    White Rabbit(BD)    2013    Sam Trammell, Nick Krause, Britt Robertson            
889290481092    Blackbird(BD)    2013    Connor Jessup, Alexia Fast, Michael Buie            
889290490292    After The Wizard(BD)    2012    Jordan Van Vranken, Jermel Nakia
889290490308    7 Boxes(BD)    2012    Celso Franco, Victor Sosa, Lali Gonzalez, Nico Garcia      
889290490384    Xingu(BD)    2012    Felipe Camargo, Joao Miguel, Caio Blat            
889290453877    Into the Lion’s Den(BD)    2011    Jesse Archer, Ronnie Kroell          
889290459923    Uncertain Terms(BD)    2015    David Dahlbom, Adinah Dancyger, Casey Drogin  
889290459930    Abstraction(BD)    2015    Eric Roberts, Ken Davitian, Hunter Ives,
889290459947    I Want to Get Married(BD)    2011    Matthew Montgomery, Emrhys Cooper    
889290459961    Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land(BD) 2012 Michael Lucas      
889290459978    Pablo(BD)    2013    Jeff Bridges, Anjelica Huston, Stan Lee, Jonathan Demme, 
889290459985    The Dickumentary(BD)    2014    Theodore Bouloukos            
889290459992    Alien Rising(BD)    2015    John Savage, Lance Henriksen, Brian Krause
889290460004    2 Jacks(BD)    2013    Billy Zane, Jacqueline Bisset, Danny Huston,
818522013961    Mandela, My Dad and Me    2015    Idris Elba            
818522014388    Journey to Le Mans    2014    Patrick Stewart, Tiff Needell, Filipe Albuquerque      
889290453914    Aleksandr’s Price(BD)    2013    Pau Maso, Josh Berresford, Natalie Grigoriadou
889290453938    The Nature of Things: Bugs, Bones and Botany    2009    Jennifer Gardy          
889290460639    The Inhabitants    2015    Elise Couture, Michael Reed, India Pearl,
889290480910    Orson Welles: The Paris Interview    2010    Orson Welles, Bernard Braden      
889290481047    Mistresses    2003    Lisa Rogers            
889290481085    America’s Most Haunted Inns    2004    Curt Chaplin            
818522013923    Mandela, My Dad and Me(BD)    2015    Idris Elba            
818522014371    Journey to Le Mans(BD)    2014    Patrick Stewart, Tiff Needell,      
889290453846    The Nature of Things: Bugs, Bones and Botany(BD)    2009    Jennifer Gardy  
889290459954    Rent Boys(BD)    2011    Sergiu Grimalschi, Peter Kern, Master Patrick            
889290460011    You’ll Know My Name(BD)    2011    Joe Raffa, Mianna Saxton,
889290460622    The Inhabitants(BD)    2015    Elise Couture, Michael Reed, India Pearl
889290480996    The Falls: Testament of Love(BD)    2013    Nick Ferrucci, Benjamin Farmer   

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Releases
Promote the Holidays with these classics on DVD from Allied Vaughn’s MOD Collection
883476142821    The Great Easter Egg Hunt    2005    Jump In and celebrate the promise of springtime in this animated adventure filled with toys, animals, music, and fun, which reminds us all to be thankful for the life weve got.  Peters grandmother sends him an Easter basket with a stuffed bunny known as Whiskers, who becomes the envy of the other toys, because hes taken to school and they stay home.  After a dog snatches Whiskers from the playground, he meets some real rabbits who tell him about a magic egg that The Easter Bunny hides, which grants a wish when it is found.  Peters life is threatened by a high fever, so Whiskers and his fellow toys set out on a colorful quest to find the egg and save him.        Cinedigm

727985016085    I Believe In Easter    2015    Learn how the church adapted and transformed pagan tradition into the celebration of the Resurrection. See how culture, emperors, apostles and popes have influenced how we celebrate Easter today.    Levi James    Vision Video, Inc.

727985016276    Gospel Films Archive Series – Easter Collection    2014    Gospel Films Archive proudly presents a festival of four rare classic short films that celebrate the spirit of Easter as manifested by Christs Crucifixion and Resurrection. The titles include Dawn of Victory, The Antkeeper, The Other Wise Man and The Lords Ascension.    Jason Evers, Fred Gwynne, Terrence Howard    Vision Video, Inc.

874757056999    Gospel According to St. Matthew    1965    Pier Paolo Pasolini portrays a realistic and biblically sympathetic presentation of the Gospel.    Enrique Irazoqui, Susanna Pasolini, Margherita Caruso    Filmchest

727985015019    Third Day    2013    On the third day after Jesus crucifixion, eyewitnesses reported that they found an empty tomb and had an encounter with a living, breathing Jesus of Nazareth. What proof do we have that the resurrection really happened? This intriguing documentary digs deep into the biblical and historical accounts and explores these questions: Did the disciples steal the body? Did they hallucinate and only imagine they had met the risen Jesus or did they create a myth in order to keep the movement going? Scholars take a hard look and offer honest, thought-provoking answers.    Rani Espanioly, Simon Tuma, Nadeem Raffdia, Sharbel Abu Senne    Vision Video, Inc.

727985016085    I Believe In Easter    2015    Learn how the church adapted and transformed pagan tradition into the celebration of the Resurrection. See how culture, emperors, apostles and popes have influenced how we celebrate Easter today.    Levi James    Vision Video, Inc.

727985016276    Gospel Films Archive Series – Easter Collection    2014    Gospel Films Archive proudly presents a festival of four rare classic short films that celebrate the spirit of Easter as manifested by Christs Crucifixion and Resurrection. The titles include Dawn of Victory, The Antkeeper, The Other Wise Man and The Lords Ascension.    Jason Evers, Fred Gwynne, Terrence Howard    Vision Video, Inc.

727985015613    Come Follow Me    2013    From the producers of The Road to Emmaus comes an exciting new biblical drama: Come Follow Me dramatizes the relationship between Jesus and the Apostle Peter. From the day Peter heard Jesus call his name to the post-resurrection conversation in which Jesus charges Peter to feed my sheep, this short film beautifully illustrates Peters transformation from fearful denier to the bold leader of the early church.    Bruce Marchiano, Emilio Doorgasingh    Vision Video, Inc.

727985005133    Paul The Emissary    1998    The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire.  But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated.  His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church.  But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became their most effective advocate.  Struck down by a powerful conversion experience on the road to Damascus, Saul — his name changed to Paul — went on to become the greatest missionary in the history of Christianity.  He went on to write more of the New Testament books than any other. In this impressive drama starring Garry Cooper we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ who will pay any price to bring his message to the world.    Garry Cooper    Vision Video, Inc.

024543027843    (Anthony Quinn Set) Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1944; The Perfect Snob 1941; Ladies Of Washington 1944    2015    Three disc set includes Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1944), The Perfect Snob (1941), and Ladies Of Washington (1944).        Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

888574078126    Irish In Us, The    1935    The brothers OHara are beat cop Pat, boxing promoter Danny and fireman Mike: all Irish and all living under the same roof, except Pat wants to leave the familial hearth to marry his sweetheart, Lucille. Cupid may have other ideas when Lucille and Danny meet, and brotherly loyalty is soon put to the test. A cadre of Warner reliable joins forces in this comedy-drama tale of brothers sharing the same tenement flat. James Cagney portrays firebrand Danny, certain his free-swinging palooka, Carbarn (Allen Jenkins), will be his ticket to ringside prominence. Par OBrien, in one of his nine pairings with Cagney, plays all-around good guy Pat. Frank McHugh adds his popular comic flair to the role of Mike. As lovely Lucille, Olivia de Havilland, only weeks after her Alibi Ike debut, continues her appealing screen ascendancy. The actors are joined by another reliable: director Lloyd Bacon, who guided almost 50 films during the 1930s.    James Cagney, Frank Mchugh    Warner

727994950097    Ballad of the Irish Horse    Over the centuries, horses have captured hearts and minds of the Irish people. Nurtured by the mild climate and rich grasses, the horses of Ireland have always flourished. From magnificent wild stallions to sturdy work ponies and the elegant racing thoroughbreds Irelands horses are an enduring part of the countrys history, work, and play. A romantic portrait of man and animal for viewers to treasure.      National Geographic

024543878186    Irish Eyes Are Smiling    1944    IRISH EYES ARE SMILING follows the life of Ernest R. Ball, who composed many popular Irish songs.    Monty Woolley, June Haver, Dick Haymes, Anthony Quinn, Beverly Whitney, Maxie Rosenbloom, Veda Ann Borg, Clarence Kolb, Leonard Warren, Blanche Thebom    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

883316236567    My Wild Irish Rose (1947)    1947    If you have a drop of Irish blood, if you’ve ever worn green on St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re a simply a fan of musical bio-pics chockablock with nostalgic song and dance, sure and begorrah you’re in for a Technicolor treat. My Wild Irish Rose stars Golden Age of Hollywood tenor Dennis Morgan as turn-of-the-century tenor Chauncey Olcott, who brought When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Mother Machree and more beloved airs to eager theater audiences. Olcott’s rise from tugboat skipper to minstrel man to star and composer, his relationships with two women ‘ Lillian Russell (Andrea King) and true love Rose Donovan (Arlene Dahl in her first credited screen role) ‘ and an Oscar?-nominated* musical score made this tuneful tale a box-office hit.    Dennis Morgan, Arlene Dahl, Andrea King, Alan Hale, George Tobias    Warner 


Desert Films New Releases 

the leading name in Public Domain titles delivers a wave of classics, gladiators and TV rarities

637801683394    Kwaheri    1964    Kwaheri, Les Tremayne
637801683400    Maid in Sweden    1971    Monica Ekman, Christina Lindberg
637801683417    Little Girl…Big Tease    1976    Jody Ray, Mary Mendum
637801683424    Should a Schoolgirl Tell?    1969    Barbara Capell, Karl Lieffen
637801683431    Mandarin Mystery, The    1936    Eddie Quillan, Charlotte Henry
637801683448    Kindar the Invulnerable    1965    Mark Forest, Mimmo Palmara
637801683455    Love Under 17    1971    Viola Bohmelt, Marion Forster
637801683462    Girl Traders     1972    Peter Baumgartner, Rena Bergen
637801683486    Goliath and the Sins of Babylon    1964    Mark Forest, Jose Greci
637801683493    Samson and the Seven Miracles    1961    Gordon Scott, Yoko Tani
637801683509    Giants of Thessaly    1960    Roland Carey, Ziva Rodann
637801683516    Son of Samson    1960    Mark Forest, Chelo Alonso
637801683523    Duel of the Champions    1961    Alan Ladd, Franca Bettoia
637801683530    Goliath and the Dragon    1960    Mark Forest, Broderick Crawford
637801683547    Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon    1964    Peter Lupus, Helga Line
637801683554    Herod the Great    1959    Edmund Purdom, Sandra Milo
637801683561    Ten Gladiators, The    1963    Roger Browne, Jose Greci
637801683578    Ursus in the Land of Fire    1963    Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli
637801683585    Vulcan Son of Jupiter    1962    Gordon Mitchell, Roger Browne
637801683592    White Warrior, The    1959    Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll
637801683608    Thor and the Amazon Women    1963    Susy Andersen, Joe Robinson
637801683615    Atlas in the land of the cyclops      1961    Gordon Mitchell, Chelo Alonso
637801683622    Avenger, The      1962    Steve Reeves, Giacomo Rossi Stuart
637801683639    Cleopatra’s Daughter    1960    Debra Paget, Ettore Manni
637801683646    Fury of hercules    1962    Brad Harris, Luisella Boni
637801683653    Giants of Rome    1964    Richard Harrison, Wandisa Guida
637801683660    Gladiators of Rome      1962    Gordon Scott, Wandisa Guida
637801683677    Hero of Rome    1964    Gordon Scott, Gabriella Pallotta
637801683684    Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines    1964    Reg Park, Wandisa Guida
637801683691    Mole Men vs the son of hercules    1961    Mark Forest, Moira Orfei
637801683707    Son of Hercules in the Land of darkness    1964    Dan Vadis, Spela Rozin
637801683714    Veil, The  TV Vol. 1    1958    Boris Karloff
637801683721    Veil, The   TV  Vol. 2    1958    Boris Karloff
637801683738    Tarzan of the Apes    1918    Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey
637801683745    Tarzan’s Revenge    1938    Glen Morris, Eleanor Holm
637801683752    White Gorilla, The    1945    Ray Corrigan, Lorraine Miller
637801683769    White Pongo    1945    Richard Fraser, Maris Wrixon
637801683776    Nightmare Castle    1965    Barbara Steele, Paul Muller
637801683790    Naked Kiss    1964    Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley
637801683806    Midnight Cop    1988    Armin Mueller-Stahl, Morgan Fairchild
637801683813    Bullet Train    1975    Ken Takakura, Shin’I’chi Chiba
637801683820    Werewolf of London    1973    Dean Stockwell, Katalin Kallay
637801683837    Bruce’s Fist of vengeance    1980    Bruce Le, Romano Kristoff
637801683844    Alice of wonderland in paris    1966    Luce Ennis, Norma MacMillan
637801683851    Colossus and the Headhunters    1963    Kirk Morris, Laura Brown
637801683868    Cuba Crossing    1980    Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaughn
637801683899    Down with Your Hands… You Scum!    1972    Jack Betts, Gordon Mitchell
637801681840    Stranger, The    1946    Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson
637801681857    Swap. The    1979    Robert Deniro, Jennifer Warren
637801681864    Target of an Assassin    1977    Anthony Quinn, Simon Sabela
637801681871    Ten Fingers of Death    1973    Jackie Chan, Siu Tin Yuen
637801681888    Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, The    1960    Dawn Addams, Peter van Eyck
637801681895    Tiger Love    1977    Hu Chin, Lo Lieh
637801681901    To All My Friends on Shore    1972    Bill Cosby, Gloria Foster
637801681918    Topper Returns    1941    Joan Blondell, Roland Young
637801681925    Trained to Kill USA    1973    Steve Sandor, Rockne Tarkington
637801681932    Utopia    1951    Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
637801681949    Vengeance of the Zombies    1972    Paul Naschy, Mirta Miller
637801681956    Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women    1968    Mamie Van Doren
637801681963    Wagon Train Vol. 1    1957    Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson
637801681970    Weapons of Death    1981    Eric Lee, Bob Ramos
637801681987    Werewolf in a Girl’s Dorm    1961    Barbara Lass, Carl Schell
637801681994    Whistle Stop    1946    George Raft, Ava Gardner
637801682007    White orchid    1954    William Lundigan, Peggie Castle
637801682014    Women of Devil’s Island    1962    Guy Madison, Michele Mercier
637801682021    Love Island    1952    Paul Valentine, Eva Gabor
637801682038    Abilene Town    1946    Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak
637801682045    Alien Contamination    1980    Ian McCulloch, Louise Marleau
637801682052    Amazing Transparent Man, The    1960    Marguerite Chapman
637801682069    Animal Bloopers    1997    Kris Chandler
637801682076    Annie Oakley TV Vol. 2    1954    Gail Davis, Brad Johnson
637801682083    Assassin    1986    Robert conrad, Karen Austin
637801682090    Atomic Brain    1963    Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle
637801682106    Bail Out    1989    David Hasslehoff, Linda Blair
637801682113    Best of Sex and Violence    1981    John Carradine


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