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Volume 6 Issue 4
If you’re an older avid film fan, the brand Blackhawk Films may conjure up memories of watching classic films on Super 8mm. Blackhawk is legendary for film preservation and restoration and we’re thrilled to announce Blackhawk has teamed up with Flicker Alley Studios, and are bringing restored rare films to AV retailers. For starters, here’s the classic “Timothy’s Guest” on BluRay for our AV retailers to enjoy an exclusive release opportunity. Along with “Guest”, Flicker has released Robert Frost in 1961’s documentary, “Poet and Publisher”. Enjoy!

Also this week, Fox Cinema focuses on ’90’s hits and ’90’s stars with a broad catalog release of popular films, exclusive to AV retailers on DVD MOD from Allied Vaughn. Titles include the Whoopi Goldberg/Ted Danson comedy “Made In America” and the pairing of Russell Crowe and Salma Hayek in the drama, “Breaking Up”.  Archival Studio Filmchest releases another wave of remastered classics on it’s American Pop retail brand and these continue to be collector top sellers.

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Flicker Alley Selects Allied Vaughn’s MOD Distribution Services

We’re pleased to announce and welcome Flicker Alley to the Allied Vaughn MOD Collection and available to collecting consumers who treasure quality films rediscovered and painstakingly re-mastered for new audiences. Launching today, we’re beginning with two gems from the Blackhawk Films® Collection, beautifully presented on Blu-ray by Flicker Alley.  

Make special note of Timothy’s Quest complete with a new digital score compiled by Eric W.Cook and performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, this is a rarity indeed.
818522014562  Timothy’s Quest (1922)  “A charming pastoral about two unwanted children finding acceptance and love, Timothy’s Quest (1922) is a rare, cinematic gem based on a novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), who was then known as “America’s best loved author of stories about children.”* The only production of the Dirigo Film Company, established in order to make films in the state of Maine adapted from works by Maine authors, Wiggin loaned her own home as one of the principal filming locations. Director Sidney Olcott – a true pioneer who was General Manager of Biograph and directed one of the earliest American feature films, From the Manger to the Cross (1912) – makes generous use of beautiful, local landscapes that look lovely and timeless in this tinted print.  The story centers around two orphans from the slums, Timothy (Joseph Dew) and ‘Lady Gay’ (Baby Helen Rowland), who decide to strike out for the country rather than be sent to an asylum. They end up at White Farms, home of the bitter, old Miss Avilda Cummins (Marie Day). She takes a harsh attitude toward the children but agrees to house them for the night, warning her housekeeper, Samantha Ann Ripley (Margaret Seddon), that the kids are to be kicked out the next day. Eventually, though, the old spinster softens and, influenced in part by the tragic memories of her own ‘wayward’ sister, adopts and provides a home for both Lady Gay and Timothy.
Flicker Alley and the Blackhawk Films® Collection are proud to present this newly re-mastered edition of Timothy’s Quest on Blu-ray for the first time ever. Featuring a digital stereo score compiled by Eric W. Cook and performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, this little-known treasure of regional filmmaking in the silent era is “…a story for any and everybody who happens to have a heart.”*
* “Timothy’s Quest,”” at Utah Theatre for Three Days.”” Ogden Standard Examiner 13 Feb. 1923, Theatre sec.: 8. Print.
 Flicker Alley and the Blackhawk Films® Collection. Stars Joseph Dew, Baby Helen Rowland, Marie Day, Margaret Seddon
And let’s take a walk with Robert Frost, Kennedy’s favorite poet in this 1961 snapshot, mastered in high definition from the original negative and released on Blu-Ray.

818522014579  Poet and Publisher 1961 Robert Frost – This lovely color film from 1961 was shot over the course of a year, mostly in the region of Robert Frost’s solitary mountain cabin in Vermont. Probably the most celebrated American poet of the twentieth Century, Frost in his mid eighties is seen in three seasons walking the landscape while he is heard reading from about twenty-five of his poems inspired by what is shown. We hear all or part of “October,” “The Sound of Trees,” “Unharvested,” “Birches,” “The Road Not Taken,” “Gathering Leaves,” “Flower-Gathering,” “Good-Bye and Keep Cold,” “The Onset,” “Two Tramps in Mud Time,” “Mending Wall,” and “The Pasture,” among others. In one sequence Mr. Frost is seen in a college seminar answering questions from students. The nature photography of New England is outstanding, as is the quality of this print, mastered in high definition from the original negative.

About Flicker Alley, LLC
Flicker Alley was born out of a passion for cinematic history and a desire to bring filmmakers and films from out of the past to new audiences and renewed recognition. The company was founded in 2002 by Jeffery Masino who drew on a lifelong enthusiasm and fascination with silent, classic, and independent cinema as well as on many years of experience in film and television production and post-production. A goal of Flicker Alley is to contribute to the on-going interest in our film heritage through the creation of new, high-quality digital editions for broadcast and through home video distribution.

Each Flicker Alley publication is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, digital restoration, graphic design, music composition and scoring. Collectively, they reflect the creativity, expertise, and shared passion of many talented collaborators. The Flicker Alley brand has grown to enjoy national and international critical acclaim and is regularly featured in annual “Best Of” lists. The company is a four-time National Society of Film Critics Film Heritage Award recipient for publishing “rare early U.S. and foreign silent film” (2009, 2010, 2011, and 2015). The name “Flicker Alley” was the nickname of Cecil Court, London W.C.2., the business center of the British film industry during the silent film era.

About the Blackhawk Films® Collection
Blackhawk Films® was founded in 1927 as a producer of film advertising for merchants and as a distributor of regional newsreels. The company made its mark as a nontheatrical distributor with the advent of 16mm sound film in 1933, establishing several regional offices before WWII. In 1947, Blackhawk expanded into sales of used film and soon thereafter began distributing new 8mm and 16mm prints of Laurel & Hardy comedies from Hal Roach Studios as well as titles from such other suppliers such as Fox Movietone, Killiam Shows, and National Telefilm Associates. David Shepard joined Blackhawk as Vice President (1973-1976) and after founding Film Preservation Associates in 1986, acquired the Blackhawk Films® library which now comprises some 5,000 titles.



Fox Cinema New Releases      

024543216087    Made in America    1993    Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Danson, Nia Long and Will Smith star in a comedy about finding yourself by finding your family–even if that family is not what you expected. When 18-year-old Zora (Long), the daughter of a very independent, single mother and proud African American (Goldberg), learns from a blood test that she is not related to the long-deceased, well-respected black man she had believed to be her parent, she searches a sperm bank’s records for her biological father. With the help of her best friend (Will Smith), she finds the donor: A used car dealer (Ted Danson) who’s a well-known buffoon … and white. He may not be the dad of her dreams, but Zora’s unstoppable desire to know her father–whoever or whatever he may be–is going to turn this mismatched group into a family Made in America.    Whoopi Goldberg; Ted Danson; Will Smith; Nia Long; Jennifer Tilly

024543216070    Goodbye Lover    1999    Thriller about two brothers who are led into romantic entanglements and homicidal plots by a femme fatale. Starring Emmy-winner and Golden Globe-nominee Patricia Arquette (TV’s “Medium,” “True Romance”), Dermot Mulroney (“Must Love Dogs,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding”), Emmy-winner and Golden Globe-nominee Ellen DeGeneres (“Finding Nemo,” TV’s “Ellen”), Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Mary-Louise Parker (TV’s “Weeds,” “Red Dragon”) and Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Don Johnson (“Tin Cup,” TV’s “Nash Bridges”).     Patricia Arquette; Dermot Mulroney; Mary-Louise Parker; Ellen DeGeneres; Don Johnson

024543216100    The New Age    1994    ‘Your inner child is running us into bankruptcy!’ Katherine Witner screams at her newly jobless husband Peter. ‘Why don’t you get in touch with your inner adult?’ A with-it L.A. couple scrambles to avoid being without it in the sharply witty The New Age. Following up his biting screenplay for The Player, writer/director Michael Tolkin now bursts the balloons of more La-La-Land sham and scam. Peter Weller and Judy Davis play the Witners, a trendy twosome with more dollars than sense as they careen along a downhill path of mad business pursuits, sexual escapades, new-age babble and questionable spiritualism. In a glitzy society where everyone’s born to shop, the Witners are starting to drop – and they’re going like the ’90s in ‘the sexiest, smartest comedy this decade has produced’ (Polly Frost, Harper’s Bazaar).    Peter Weller; Judy Davis; Patrick Bauchau; Adam West

024543216049    Breaking Up    1997    Academy Award winner Russell Crowe stars with Salma Hayek in the passionate story of two lovers swept up in an intense relationship, a man and a woman who cannot live with–or without–each other in Breaking Up. Struggling photographer Steve (Crowe) and schoolteacher Monica (Hayek) discover the exciting once-in-a-lifetime romance that everyone dreams about. He even quits smoking, and she abandons her obsession with her weight. But their idyllic affair turns tempestuous–over and over again–with Steve feeling stifled and Monica burdened.Caught between pleasure and pain, satisfaction and frustration, Steve and Monica cannot stay together but cannot separate, leaving them trapped in a bitter cycle of making up and Breaking Up.    Russell Crowe; Salma Hayek; Abraham Alvarez

024543216193    The Power of One    1992    An orphan terrorized for his family’s political beliefs, young PK turns to his only friend: a kindly, world-wise prisoner (Freeman) who teaches him how to box. “Little beat big when little smart.” the prisoner tells Pk. “First with the head, then with the heart.” Living by those words, PK (Dorff) fights with his fists and leads with his heart as he grows to manhood. He takes on the system and the injustices he sees around him – finds that one person really can make a difference.    Stephen Dorff; Armin Mueller-Stahl; Morgan Freeman

024543216056    Carpool    1996    Tom Arnold (True Lies, Nine Months) takes the wheel of this zippy family romp directed by Arthur Hiller (Silver Streak, The In-Laws). Arnold plays happy-go-luckless Franklin, whose bungled attempt to get cash for his floundering carnival puts him on the lam and at the wheel of a full minivan. His delighted hostages: five kids en route to school. His undelighted hostage: Daniel (David Paymer), a career-first, family-second ad executive eager to drop off the kids and get to a presentation that could boost him up the agency ladder. Like a car driven through too many patholes, Daniel’s priorities need realignment. And Franklin is just the right fella to show him how. Daniel will have the time of his life – quality time with his kids.    Tom Arnold; David Paymer; Rhea Pearlman; Rod Steiger; Kim Coates; Rachel Leigh Cook

MGM Limited New Releases

883904330103  Revolt Of The Slaves, The  1960 During the later years of the Roman Empire, the daughter of a wealthy patrician falls in love with a Christian slave. Bario Moreno; Fernando Rey; Gino Cervi; Lang Jeffries; Rhonda Fleming
883904329688  American Friends 1993 Reverend Francis Ashby, a rather stuffy professor at St. John’s College Oxford, heads off for a walking holiday in Switzerland. High up on a rocky Swiss plateau, Ashby stumbles across two American women: Caroline Hartley and her beautiful eighteen-year-old ward, Elinor. He soon finds the company of the women a charming and refreshing change from his all male, well-ordered world at Oxford. Back in England, he’s about to be elected president of his college, a post for a bachelor, when he realizes that his Switzerland experience hasaltered his views on life. The surprise arrival of his American friends adds to his dilemma, especially when it becomes apparent that both women are competing for his affections. Alfred Molina; Connie Booth; Fred Pearson; Michael Palin; Robert Eddison; Susan Denaker; Trini Alvarado


American Pop Remastered Classics

874757061894    A Dog’s Life    Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Syd Chaplin                            
874757061092    Alice in Wonderland    Carol Marsh, Stephen Murray, Ernest Milton                       
874757061290    Battles of Chief Pontiac    Lex Parker, Winifred Lancaster, Lon Chaney, Jr.           
874757061498    Broken Blossoms    Lilian Gish, Donald Crisp                            
874757061597    Days of Jesse James    Roy Rogers, George “Gabby” Hayes, Don Barry              
874757061696    Devil Times Five    Sorrell Brooke, Gene Evans, Taylor Lacher                            
874757061993    Eyes of Texas    Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, Andy Devine                            
874757062099    First Spaceship on Venus    Yoko Tani, Oldrich Lukes, Ignacy Machowski          
874757062198    Frontier Pony Express    Roy Rogers, Mary Hart, Edward Keane                            
874757062396    Inner Sanctum    Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes, Lee Patrick                          
874757062495    Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter    John Lupton, Narda Onyx              
874757062594    King Solomon’s Mines    Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young               
874757062693    Lassie: The Painted Hills    Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray                          
874757062990    Mr. Wong, Detective    Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, Maxine Jennings, Evelyn      
874757063195    Oh, Susanna!    Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette                            
874757063294    On the Old Spanish Trail    Roy Rogers, Tito Guizar, Jane Frazee                          
874757063591    Rough Riders’ Round-Up    Roy Rogers, Mary Hart, Lynne Roberts, Monte Blue  
874757063898    Svengali    John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Donald Crisp                            
874757061191    The Atomic Brain    Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle                            
874757061399    The Border Legion    Roy Rogers, George “Gabby” Hayes                            
874757061795    The Devil’s Triangle    Vincent Price                            
874757062297    The Gay Ranchero    Roy Rogers, Tito Guizer, Jane Frazee                            
874757062792    The Magic Sword    Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Gary Lockwood                  
874757062891    The Man from Utah    John Wayne, Polly Ann Young, Anita Campillo, George        
874757063096    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste    Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey, Arthur Margetson  
874757063393    The Pied Piper of Hamelin    Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Lori Nelson                  
874757063799    The Son of Monte Cristo    Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, George Sanders,            
874757063997    Tumbleweeds    William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford, Lucien Littlefield

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