Volume 6 Issue 6 – Janson Media Entertainment, Syndicado and The Sailing Channel Join the MOD Team

Janson Media, Syndicado, Sailing Channel Newest Studios to Go MOD

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Volume 6 Issue 6
If you’re a studio, you must have been noticing the cascade of major Studios and Networks embracing the On Demand DVD and BluRay technologies from Allied Vaughn this year- we’re proud to add Janson Media Entertainment, Syndicado and The Sailing Channel this week to our vault of films, series, music and specials available for AV retailers. We’re also adding new sales channels, retailing companies wishing to expand their consumer offerings and insuring consumer loyalty by featuring the broadest choice of content. MOD infinitely extends the lifecycle of a content providers catalog; titles are never out-of-stock, and content providers benefit from a model where no returns or investment in physical inventory or warehouse space is necessary.  

For Studios, an Allied Vaughn MOD strategy provides:

  • Physical Retailing of all Studio SKU’s, regardless of unit sales velocity
  • Adoption of a direct to MOD new release strategy
  • Physical Media Products for Studios with Digital only assets
  • Distribution into alternative and niche sales channels
  • Templated asset preparation from video to DVD and BD products
  • Migration management of DVD Catalog to BluRay Products
  • Allows Studio focus on Digital Strategy, Allied Vaughn focuses on Physical
  • Filmmakers complete works are not delisted from physical media releases
  • Minimum resources required from Studios, Allied Vaughn makes it easy
…there are many more advantage to consider your content in MOD, contact me to discuss what opportunities exist for your catalog.

Successful retailing…
Richard Skillman
Vice President
Allied Vaughn
The AV Dept.
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Major Independent Studios Select Allied Vaughn


Janson Media brings retailers a wide variety of programming, suiting all tastes and collecting interest. Janson Media’s portfolio features over 2,500 hours and includes documentaries, films, and  television content in the genres of current affairs, social issues, children’s programming, music and performance, lifestyle, nature & wildlife, science & technology, health & wellness, sport, travel, adventure, history, and pop culture.


646032023992    Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend    2004    Al Capone;Harry Hart
646032024098    B-17 Flying Legend    2003    
646032030891    Ten Commandments, The    2005    
646032032291    Danny    2005    Janet Zarish;Barbara Jean Ehrhardt;George Luce
646032032499    The Impossible Spy    2005    John Shea;Eli Wallach
646032032598    1964 World’s Fair    2005    
646032032796    Kon-Tiki    2006    Thor Heyerdahl
646032033397    The Vatican Museums    2002    
646032034790    Hollywood Collection – Ingrid Bergman: Remembered   2007 
646032036091    The Hollywood Collection – Audrey Hepburn Remembered    2008  
646032048797    Wereth Eleven, The    2011    Cory Reynolds
646032053296    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 1    2013    
646032053395    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 2    2013    
646032053494    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 3    2013    
646032053593    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 4    2013    
646032053692    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 5    2013    
646032053791    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Vol. 6    2013    
646032055849    The Fix    2015    
646032056495    Four Horsemen    2014    Prof. Joseph Stiglitz;Prof. Noam Chomsky
646032056594    Father Michael McGivney    2014    
646032056891    The Greater Good    2014 




Successful digital company, Syndicado has selected Allied Vaughn to distribute their DVD catalog through Allied’s media-on-demand retailer technology. Our AV Retailers will have full access to a growing catalog of features and documentaries from Syndicado. The company’s library has grown to over 600 titles with over 1500 hours of programming, in 30+ territories worldwide, with a focus on documentaries and factual programming.

Syndicado is an international film and television distribution company focused on digital outlets. With offices in the US and Canada, the company acquires and distributes a range of critically acclaimed documentaries, indie, and arthouse films in addition to market driven and educational television series.


889290010407    I Am Not A Rock Star    2012    Marika Bournaki
887936987113    Elena            2012    Elena Andrade, Petra Costa
887936976414    The Defector: Escape From North Korea    2012    Ann Shin, Sook-Ja, Yong-Hee
887936496738    Seeking Salvation    2004    Tonya Lee Williams, Maurice Dean Wint
837654844113    The Rich Have Their Own Photographers    2007    Anne Rogovin, Mark Rogovin,
887936496622    Among The Missing    2000    Sybil Stockdale, Carol Hrdlicka, Earl Hopper
887936496639    Edge Codes              2004    Kay Armatage, Cameron Bailey, Mathilde Bonnefoy
887936496691    The Beast Within       2007    
887936496585    Every Seventh Person    2006    
949226398440    The Exodus Decoded    2005    Simcha Jacobovici, James Cameron
949223299054    Secrets Of Christianity    2010    Simcha Jacobovici
889290235879    Erebus: Operation Overdue    2014    Andrew Munro, Tama Jarman
887936997075    Chasing Fortune         2013    J.D. Fortune
886470001590    Crips: Strapped N Strong    2009    Main C, Santos, Keylow
886470002870    The Good Soldier       2009    Michael McPhearson, Perry Parks, Will Williams
886470000753    David Vs. Monsanto    2009    Percy Schmeiser

886470440993    Sequestro                  2011    Sao Paulo Anti Kidnapping Unit 

886470236466    Going On 13              2008   

For the sailing enthusiasts, The Sailing Channel has selected Allied Vaughn to distribute the BluRay and DVD release of “Red Dot on the Ocean”, the true story of Matt Rutherfords sailing adventure, solo, through the Northwest Passage. Amy Flannery’s film of Matt’s life arc from troubled past, labeled a suicidal youth at risk to at sea perils makes for an inspiring experience.

The SailingChannel.TV creates original sailing content with a focus on cruising, and distributes documentaries and how-to sail videos by other producers. Our target audience is the global sailing community. Our videos cover the gear, the people, the skills, and the places that interest sailors

818522014555  Red Dot on the Ocean DVD-5  Once labeled a “youth-at-risk,” Matt Rutherford risks it all in a death-defying attempt to be the first person to sail alone and nonstop around North and South America. Professional sailors called him crazy and declared the journey “a suicide mission.” Braving the icebergs of the Arctic and the stormy seas of Cape Horn is no easy feat for any sailor. After reading about Ernest Shackleton and Arctic explorers, Matt became obsessed with sailing alone through the Northwest Passage – the mostly ice-clogged route through the Arctic linking the Atlantic to the Pacific. That obsession became a 27,000 mile quest to be the first sailor to circumnavigate the Americas alone without stopping.


Filmrise New Releases

889290605207  Christmas Town  2008 Grumpy Liza McCann (Nicole De Boer, “Dead Zone”) and her son travel to Hollyville to visit her estranged father. The town’s excessive decorations and intense Yuletide spirit embitter Liza, who has hated the holidays ever since she was a little girl. But when a series of strange magical events start to occur, Liza is forced to rethink everything she thought was true. Will the magic of this Christmas town help Liza reconnect with her father and open her heart to the true spirit of the holidays? Heart-warming and fun for the whole family, “Christmas Town” co-stars Patrick Muldoon (“Starship Troopers”), Garry Chalk (“Deck the Halls”) and Gig Morton (“Snow Buddies”).Patrick Muldoon, Garry Chalk, Gig Morton, Nicole De Boer

889290605139  Everybody Street 2014 “Everybody Street,” directed by Cheryl Dunn (“102 Minutes that Changed America”), highlights the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers, including Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Ricky Powell and Jamel Shabazz — and the unparalleled city that has inspired them for decades. This beautifully shot documentary pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City, and captures the instinctive rush, singular perseverance and the immediate danger customary to these artists.        Boogie, Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz
Upcoming FilmRise Releases
08/02/2016        889290611314  Requiem for the American Dream(BD)   BD-25   2016
08/02/2016        889290611338  Requiem for the American Dream          DVD-5  2016
05/04/2016        889290598202  Janis: Little Girl Blue – Special Director’s Edition(BD) 2015
05/04/2016        889290616616  Janis: Little Girl Blue – Special Director’s Edition           
04/26/2016        889290611352  The Last Man on the Moon        DVD-9  2016
04/26/2016        889290611369  The Last Man on the Moon(BD) BD-25   2016
04/19/2016        889290611239  Crazy About Tiffany’s(BD          BD-25   2016
04/19/2016        889290611307  Crazy About Tiffany’s    DVD-5  2016

Fox Cinema Releases Salem Season 2

024543283812  Salem: The Complete Season 2     2016    SALEM returns with 13 episodes of a highly anticipated second season at the dawn of a witch war. Salem’s ruthless leading witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), has just completed the elusive Grand Rite – a deadly, supernatural ritual that unleashed a devastating plague on the town’s unsuspecting citizens. As death and disease continue to spread through the war-torn village, Mary must face off against adversaries old and new – from within Salem and beyond – who are vying for her throne in the battle for control over the village. SALEM also stars Shane West as Mary’s former love interest John Alden, Seth Gabel as the haunted Cotton Mather, and Tamzin Merchant as the mysteriously talented Anne Hale. Jane Montgomery; Shane West; Seth Gabel; Tazmin Merchant; Ashely Madekwe; Elise Eberle; Iddo Goldberg

….also from FOX Cinema

024543117629  Blue Denim 1959  Two young teenagers faced with the coming of an unwanted baby attempt to find a solution to the problem. This situation is complicated by both youngster’s inability to confide in their parents. Based on the hit Broadway play. Carol Lynley; Brandon De Wilde; Macdonald Carey

024543117346  Joshua Then And Now 1985     Based on Mordecai Richler’s semi-autobiographical novel, JOSHUA THEN AND NOW relates the life and times of a Jewish writer living in Canada whose father was a small-time gangster, and who marries into a politically and socially prominent WASP family. James Woods; Gabrielle Lazure; Alan Arkin


Allied Vaughn’s MOD Collection brings retailers the best in DVD and CD programming from such catalogs as The Warner Archive Collection, The MGM Limited Edition, Sony Choice Collection, CBS Television, Fox Cinema Archives, Universal Studios, HBO, Disney, Sony Music, National Geographic and more. As all titles are produced when you sell them, no title is ever out of stock, back ordered or de-listed due to low volume sales. Contact us today for up to the date title lists,new catalogs, metadata and product images.

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Richard Skillman
Vice President
Allied Vaughn

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