Volume 6 Issue 15 – Connecting Content with Consumers

Warner Releases Lucifer Season 1, Leomark, FOX, MGM New DVD Releases

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Connecting Content with Consumers

Volume 6  Issue 15
The news is rife with consolidation, studio and retailers alike and corporate telecoms making major acquisitions of other content streams as well. In the midst of all this change, Allied Vaughn’s Richard Skillmandistribution strategy is resonating quickly on both ends of the content path to consumers. Allied’s efficient and extremely rapid “asset to DVD/BD retail launch” capability allows content owners to migrate from their current “old way” sales channel solutions to revenue generation in weeks not months and with low resource impact on their end.
As you evolve your brand and focus on digital distribution for your catalog of titles, Allied Vaughn offers a low touch solution for DVD and Blu-ray, providing retailers with 100% fill rates, no inventory, no returns, no stock-outs, no inventory management and no storage cost solution – we manufacture and distribute ONLY in response to sales, and we pay content owners every month on sales generated.
Ask me how today.
And don’t forget to check out all the new releases and our upcoming August titles available now for preorders!
Richard Skillman
Vice President
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Warner Archives Releasing LUCIFER S1 On DVD!
One of televisions most unique series comes to home video from Warner Archives!

888574420741    Lucifer: The Complete First Season (BD)    2016    Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer has resigned his throne and retired to the City of Angels, where he is indulging in a few of his favorite things   wine, women, song. When a beautiful pop star is brutally murdered before his eyes, he feels something awaken deep within him — for the first time in roughly 10 billion years. Is he actually capable of feelings for a human being? The very thought disturbs him   as well as his best friend and confidante, Mazikeen (aka Maze), a fierce demon in the form of a beautiful young woman. The murder attracts the attention of LAPD homicide detective Chloe Dancer, who finds herself both repulsed and fascinated by Lucifer. As they work together to solve the murder, Lucifer is struck by Chloes inherent goodness. Used to dealing with the absolute worst of humanity, he begins to wonder if theres hope yet. Maybe everyones got a chance for redemption. Even the Devil.        Stars Tom Ellis; Lauren German; DB Woodside; Lesley-Ann Brandt; Kevin Alejandro; Scarlett Estevez; Rachael Harris     

HBO Focuses on Heroin:Cape Cod USA Doc
888574420413  Heroin: Cape Cod, USA  2015  Twenty years after his groundbreaking Emmy®-nominated film Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street, which chronicled three years in the lives of five young heroin addicts in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki turns his focus to America’s current opiate-addiction crisis with Heroin: Cape Cod, USA. This film takes an unsparing look at the lives of several young people in their early 20s gripped by heroin addiction, living a seemingly endless existence of getting high while cycling through stages of rehab, recovery and relapse. The film also chronicles the impact of the crisis on the community of Cape Cod, a picturesque summer destination known for its quaint villages, lighthouses and beaches – but with an epidemic of young people addicted to cheap, easily-acquired heroin, whose addictions are often the result of being prescribed opiate pain medication after an accident or surgery. Following several subjects who talk candidly about their heroin habits, as well as…  Directed by Steven Okazaki.

Leomark Studios Releases The Laughing Mask
818522014715 The Laughing Mask    A grisly murder perpetrated by a deranged killer, Jake Johnson’s wife and daughter were murdered by a Psychotic vigilante only known as The Laughing Mask. As the police look for clues and the body count begins to rise, Johnson will play a dangerous game in order to avenge his family’s death.   Floyd Adams , Arisia Aguiar , Jade Aguiar , Bill Asbury, Laura Bush , Liz M. Day

Also New From Allied Vaughn This Week!

Film Rise New BD & DVD Releases

889290942906    Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders   2015    “Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders
889290942937    Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders (BD)
The inside story behind the Biggie and Tupac murder investigations is laid bare using police case files, taped confessions never before shown on film and interviews with lead detective Greg Kading and other witnesses. Based on the book, “”Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur Murder Investigations”” by former detective, Greg Kading. DVD features surround sound, the official “”Murder Rap”” trailer, audio commentary track with Director Michael Dorsey and Lead Detective Greg Kading, special behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes: “”Cleared Other”” and “”Rug Pulled Out”” along with English subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired.”   Blu-ray features surround sound, the official “”Murder Rap”” trailer, audio commentary track with Director Michael Dorsey and Lead Detective Greg Kading, special behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes: “”Cleared Other”” and “”Rug Pulled Out”” along with English subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired.”  Tupac Shakur, Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg, Kidada Jones, Quincy Jones, Sean Combs, Faith Evans

New this week from FilmRise….
889290921543    Steel Toes (BD)    2007
889290921475    This is Martin Bonner (BD)    2013
889290632098    Ripple Effect (BD)    2007
889290635723    Two Bit Waltz (BD)    2014
889290635785    Winter of Frozen Dreams (BD)    2009
885444583667    Riddle Room (BD)    2016
885444583643    Daddy (BD)    2015
889290632067    Endgame (BD)    2009
885444582875    Like You Mean It (BD)    2015
885444582882    Lyle (BD)    2014
885444582905    Sand Dollars (Dólares de Arena) (BD)    2014
889290635754    The Wait (BD)    2013
885444583650    Southern Baptist Sissies (BD)    2013
885444582844    Brooklyn Bizarre (BD)    2015
885444582899    Steel (BD)    2015
889290635747    Take Me Home (BD)    2011
889290921598    The Living (BD)    2014
889290635693    The Village Barbershop (BD)    2008
889290621795    Yosemite (BD)    2015
885444582851    Seeing Heaven (BD)    2010
885444582837    Dollface (AKA Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head) (BD)    2014
885444582820    Love in the Time of Civil War (L’Amour au Temps de la Guerre Civile) (BD)    2014
885444582868    Perfect Cowboy (BD)    2014
889290635778    Burning Bodhi (BD)    2015
889290632081    Of Mind and Music (BD)    2014 

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New releases from Sony Choice!

043396481763  Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot, The: Season One  1999  BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT is an exciting animated series based on characters created by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow. “Big Guy” is an elite fighting robot, protecting New Tronic City from danger, whether from earth or from outer space. When the Big Guy is decommissioned, however, a smaller, childlike robot named Rusty is brought on to take its place. But it is clear that Rusty needs Big Guy’s help, and it is up to the two of them to help keep the world a safer place. All 26 episodes of this out-of-this-world show are available now in this amazing collection! Tim Curry, Brian Doyle-Murray, Pamela Adlon
043396481770  Chopper One: Season One  1974 CHOPPER ONE is a fast-paced action series set over the skies of Los Angeles. Don (Jim McMullan) and Gil (Dirk Benedict, “The A-Team”) fly over the City of Angels, going places no police car can go. The two chase down drug dealers, kidnappers and underworld crime figures, eluding danger on the ground and in the air. Catch all 13 episodes of this exciting series co-executive produced by Aaron Spelling (“The Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”). Jim McMullan, Dirk Benedict, Lou Frizzell
043396481787  Grady: Season One  1975 “Sanford and Son” favorite Whitman Mayo gets his own series in “Grady”, a lovable family comedy featuring Joe Morton (“Scandal”) and Carole Cole. Grady (Mayo) moves from Watts to Santa Monica when his daughter (Cole) and husband (Morton) move to town with their family. As Grady helps his family, he also runs into some hilarious situations involving a war-crazed squatter in their house, taking on the government and catching a local thief. Whitman Mayo, Carol Cole, Joe Morton


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National Geographic New Season One Releases
024543310600  The Great Human Race: Season 1  2016 For millions of years our ancestors withstood droughts and ice ages to become the dominant species. Could we do it again? Archaeologist Bill Schindler and survival expert Cat Bigney set out to live as our primitive ancestors did. Following in the footsteps of early humans, they journey across the globe facing the same obstacles and limitations as our ancestors, and must evolve in order to survive.

024543310617  Animal Storm Squad Season 1 2016 Animal Storm Squad follows a team of dedicated meteorologists, storm chasers and animal experts who rescue trapped and injured pets. Led by Karissa Hadden, a vet tech with a heart of gold, this series takes an inside look at the heroes who save animals’ lives in the worst of times.

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 New from FOX Cinema
024543225409  Gang War 1958  A Los Angeles high school teacher witnesses a gangland killing and is forced into testifying. He is then harassed by the gang and eventually helps the police in nabbing the criminals.  Charles Bronson; Kent Taylor; Jennifer Holden; John Doucette
024543294870  Five Gates To Hell 1959 A Communist soldier raids a French hospital in Vietnam during the 1950’s and takes two doctors and seven nurses hostage. His plan is to make then tend to his injured leader then turn the women over to the other soldiers. Dolores Michaels; Patricia Owens; Neville Brand; Ken Scott; Nobu McCarthy

New from MGM Limited
883904330110  Save Me 1993   An honest stock-trader is seduced by a mysterious young woman into an erotic adventure beyond his wildest fantasies, until someone tries to kill him.Bill Nunn; Harry Hamlin; Joseph Campenella; Lysette Anthony; Michael Ironside; Neil Ronco; Olivia Hussey; Reilly Murphy; Sigal Diamant; Steve Railsback

Films Around the World Public Domain Classics
Films Around the World, one of the nations leading archives, brings another wave of mastered public domain classics to retail, value priced rarities for film collectors.
889290635051    The Slayer    1982
889290635075    The Lawless Frontier    1934
889290635181    Vengeance Valley    1951
889290635204    The Big Trees    1952
889290635570    Mad Dog    1977
889290635587    Svengali    1931
889290635563    The East Side Kids “Ghosts On The Loose”    1943
889290635600    The Gorilla    1939
889290890580    La Cuba De Ayer & Fidel Castro Biography    1978
889290890610    A Shriek In The Night    1933
889290635556    The Girl Rosemarie    1958
889290635594    The East Side Kids “Clancy Street Boys”    1943
889290635617    Salt Of The Earth    1954
889290635624    Black Tights    1961
889290635631    The East Side Kids “Million Dollar Kid”    1944
889290635679    Terror Storm    1978
889290719539    Night Of The Demon    1980
889290719546    Gulliver’s Travels    1939
889290719560    Blood On The Sun    1945
889290719522    Pot O’ Gold    1941
889290719577    Quicksand    1950
889290719553    The Son Of Monte Cristo    1940
889290719584    D.O.A.    1950
889290719690    Death Follows A Psycho    1973
889290726063    Angel And The Badman    1947
889290726070    No Go    1973
889290726087    The Countess Died of Laughter    1973
889290726094    Kansas Pacific    1953
889290726056    Rage At Dawn    1955
889290726148    Stage Door Canteen    1943
889290730664    Five Deadly Venoms    1978
889290730657    Hell Town    1937
889290730633    Heartbeat    1946
889290730626    Fighting Caravans    1931
889290730619    Marie Galante    1934
889290730640    The Fighting Westerner    1935
889290730671    Topper Returns    1941
889290872548    The Racket    1969
889290872531    The Last House On Dead End Street    1977
889290872562    Home Town Story    1951
889290872517    Summerdog    1977
889290872555    The Eyes Of The Mummy    1918
889290872579    The Black Book    1949
889290872524    That Uncertain Feeling    1941
889290877567    Jungle Book    1942
889290877581    The Little Princess    1939
889290877550    The Devil Bat    1940
889290877574    Indestructible Man    1956
889290890603    Maniac    1934
889290877598    Sotto Il Sole Di Roma    1948
889290877604    Mr. Robinson Crusoe    1932
889290890566    Sherlock Holmes Dressed To Kill    1946
889290890559    The Last Man On Earth    1964
889290890573    The Bachelor Party 1953 Television Play    1953
889290890597    Two Women    1960

Coming Attractions
Look what’s available now for preorders from Allied Vaughn!


9/16/2016    818522014692    OMG, We’re in a Horror Movie    horror, comedy    Leomark
9/6/2016    885444610356    Big Voice (BD)    Documentary, Biography FilmRise
9/6/2016    885444610400    Buddymoon (BD)    Comedy    FilmRise
9/6/2016    885444610431    Buddymoon    Comedy    FilmRise
9/6/2016    885444610462    Big Voice    Documentary, Biography, Family, Music    FilmRise
8/30/2016    888574420482    Mom: The Complete Third Season    Comedy    Warner
8/23/2016    888574432515    Man Who Came To Dinner, The (1942)    Comedy    Warner
8/23/2016    888574432522    In This Our Life (1942)    Drama    Warner
8/23/2016    888574432539    Great Lie, The (1941)    Drama, Romance    Warner
8/23/2016    888574432546    All This, and Heaven Too (1940)    Drama, Romance    Warner
8/23/2016    888574432508    Letter, The (1940)    Drama, Suspense, Classics    Warner
8/23/2016    889290942890    Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong    Comedy, Romance  FilmRise
8/23/2016    889290942913    Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (BD)  Comedy FilmRise
8/23/2016    888574422134    Fitzpatrick Traveltalks Volume 2    Documentary, Travel  Warner
8/23/2016    888574420741    Lucifer: The Complete First Season (BD)    TV series Warner
8/22/2016    885444610363    The Brainwashing of My Dad (BD)    Documentary    FilmRise
8/22/2016    885444610370    The Brainwashing of My Dad    Documentary    FilmRise
8/16/2016    888574422103    Alfred the Great (1969)    Action, Adventure, Biography Warner
8/16/2016    888574422196    Moby Dick (1930)    Drama, Adventure    Warner
8/16/2016    888574396015    Man in the Wilderness (1971) (BD)    Adventure Action    Warner
8/15/2016    885444610417    Life in a Walk (BD)    Documentary, Adventure, Family    FilmRise
8/15/2016    885444610479    Life in a Walk    Documentary, Adventure, Family    FilmRise
8/9/2016      888574379438    Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958) (BD)    Theatre, Drama    Warner
8/9/2016      888574422240    Widow from Chicago, The (1930)    Crime, Drama    Warner
8/9/2016    888574422233    Unholy Partners (1941)    Drama, Crime    Warner
8/9/2016    889290941244    Addicted to Fresno (BD)    Comedy    FilmRise
8/9/2016    889290941251    Addicted to Fresno    Comedy    FilmRise
8/9/2016    888574429416    Blackmail (1939)    Drama, Crime    Warner
8/2/2016    889290611314    Requiem for the American Dream(BD)  Documentary  FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290611338    Requiem for the American Dream  Documentary  FilmRise
8/2/2016    888574432447    Cabin in the Sky (1943)    Drama, Musical    Warner
8/2/2016    888574432461    Good Earth, The (1937)    Drama    Warner
8/2/2016    888574432478    Glass Bottom Boat, The (1966)    Comedy, Romance    Warner
8/2/2016    888574432485    Fury (1936)    Drama, Thriller    Warner
8/2/2016    888574432492    Dead Ringer (1964)    Drama    Warner
8/2/2016    888574432454    Dark Victory (1939)    Drama, Classics    Warner
8/2/2016    889290938282    Monster Hunt: Mandarin with English Subtitles Fantasy FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290938299    Monster Hunt: English Language Version (BD) Fantasy  FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290938305    Monster Hunt: English Language Version   Fantasy    FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290938312    Monster Hunt: Mandarin with English Subtitles (BD)  FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290942883    From Fat to Finish Line (BD)    Documentary    FilmRise
8/2/2016    889290942920    From Fat to Finish Line    Documentary    FilmRise
8/2/2016    888574417642    Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper: The Complete First Season   Warner

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