For MOD Content Providers

Allied Vaughn’s MOD onboarding team will work with you to prepare your titles for manufacture and launch within our sales channels. Click to download our Media On Demand (MOD) Asset Delivery Specifications version 11.5.21

Your role as a MOD Content Provider is to submit:

  • Complete and accurate metadata for each title in the template provided. Click to download our MOD Metadata Excel Template. Note: Use this template if you provide both MOD and Digital content.
  • Conforming artwork for disc and case wrap. Click to download our Disc Artwork PSD Templates.
  • Conforming digital file for the DVD or Blu-Ray [.iso image].

Do you need conforming artwork or an authored DVD or Blu-Ray file? Email us.
To learn about Allied Vaughn’s Authoring and Artwork Preparation Rate Services click here.

For Digital Content Providers

Allied Vaughn’s Digital onboarding team will work with you to prepare your titles for launch within our sales channels.  Click here to download our Digital VOD Asset Delivery Specifications Guide 11.5.2021 .

Your role as a Digital Content Provider is to submit the following for a successful launch:

If you already have an agreement set up with Allied Vaughn Entertainment, email your completed Digital Metadata Template to your Onboarding Specialist. Doing so will allow us to add your launch to our schedule. Our Onboarding Specialists will assist in answering your questions.

As Allied Vaughn’s streaming platform partners expand, please check for updated AV Digital Metadata Template periodically to ensure eligible platforms can have access to your titles.

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