Corporate Digital Archivist

Allied Vaughn Introduction
Allied Vaughn is a professional service organization, supporting the Digital Asset Management and Media Archival needs of clients across a wide range of industries. Founded in 1959, Allied Vaughn has been a leader in physical and digital media preservation, distribution, and fulfillment. We have regional offices in Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis, with a virtual workforce located across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and Colorado. Allied Vaughn is a leader in content management, employing the brightest professionals in the areas of archival and library services, project management, video editing, IT, digital content management, research and marketing, and taxonomy development. We are experiencing rapid growth and are seeking qualified candidates to help service our clients across the country.

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Position Overview
The Corporate Digital Archivist position is located in Corona, CA supporting their marketing team in archival processing, brand management, policy and procedural development, metadata and taxonomy enhancement, and targeting content for an upcoming corporate anniversary. Our client recently launched a new DAM system and this position requires an understanding of transitional DAM initiatives while working closely with a team IT integrator. The initial phase of the project includes processing and curating a large collection of marketing materials dating back 10 years. Once the content is curated and loaded into DAM, this candidate will be responsible for corralling recently acquired brand content by developing relationships and workflows, develop policy and procedures around acquisition/disposition, preservation, refresh current taxonomy standards, and prepare for an upcoming anniversary while collaborating with the marketing team, DAM Manager, and an IT Admin expert. We expect the project to span 12 months staffed onsite.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3-5 years professional Archival/DAM experience
  • Subject matter expertise in the food industry or an ability to learn brand content quickly
  • Degree in MLIS/Information Science, or related academic/professional experience
  • Expertise in quickly moving the mountain of content with high level processing and curation skills
  • Develop and author policies and procedures based on industry, archival, and client based standards
  • Understand global corporate brand marketing and targeted monetize-able assets
  • Experience in preparing for and/or targeting assets for milestone programs and publications
  • Expertise is various physical materials, media/digital formats and processing and preservation of various materials
  • High level of expertise in synthesizing metadata structures and taxonomy schemas across internal departments, external stakeholders, users, and cataloguers
  • Ability to strategize and troubleshoot at the cross section of DAM, stakeholders and processes
  • Experience in collaborating with colleagues on complex projects across departments to actualize solutions
  • Experience building relationships with upper management, creative agencies, and departmental entities
  • Align business divisional goals with physical/digital collection policies to preserve the most iconic and representative assets
  • Ability to forecast and strategize process, project, and program improvements

We are looking to provide a professional staffing solution in digital content management for a corporate client in Corona, CA. This is a full time direct hire position, eligible for our standard benefits package including health, dental, 401k, profit sharing, and paid time off. Salary is commensurate with experience and responsibilities.

How to Apply
This project is expected to launch in November/December. Interested candidates are asked to email a resume, cover letter and list of references by October 30, 2015 to:

Lisa M. Schell, MLIS
Digital Archive Manager