Featured Job Opening: Digital Asset Manager

Full-time, Direct Hire
Remote; Eastern time zone required
Start Date: July
Industry: Non-profit organization management

Digital Asset Manager

Allied Vaughn seeks a Digital Asset Manager with mid-career level knowledge of creative content terminology and process for the organization’s video team. The Digital Asset Manager must have professional practice in taxonomy, creative workflow, administration, user training, and content management. Position works with the senior Digital Asset Manager, Video team, and a senior Digital Asset Manager Contractor. 


Assist in system migration from a brand asset management platform to a digital asset management (DAM) platform including training and new user onboarding.

  • Own the digital asset management workflow. 
  • Work cross-functionally across various internal central/HQ and national/state teams to ensure assets for priority projects/productions are curated, archived and available for distribution or publication. 
  • Develop performance trackers for campaign assets, and communicate ETA of asset availability across marketing, digital publishing and creative teams.  
  • Manage and maintain distribution pipeline for incoming and outgoing creative assets from HQ to national teams, including localized assets. 
  • Manage incoming localization assets, toolkits, and packaging to vendors and internal creative teams. 
  • Collaborate with content owners across the organization to ensure cleared digital marketing materials are ingested 
  • Identify asset distribution risks and bottlenecks, while developing solutions to resolve them. 
  • Work closely with DAM business owner on all incoming assets for curation and ingestion. 
  • Monitor system and user metrics, and develop strategies to meet and achieve them in measurement plan. 
  • Own analytics and dashboards for incoming and outgoing assets for monthly reporting. 
  • Assist Owner with system documentation and test workflows as a power user 
  • Develop training materials and conduct user onboarding 

DAM Responsibilities

  • Manage ingestion of graphics, stories, photos and content for large creative agency:
    • Apply caption writing and metadata to all content. 
    • Quality check and train AI tagging for facial recognition. 
    • Link photo releases to related content. 
    • Manage development of brand, product and localization templates. 
    • Respond and fulfill customer requests for assets in timely manner 
    • Respond to and fulfill user requests for assets in a timely manner:
      • Search and identify requested content
      • Generate links for downloading in email or FTP file transfer delivery
      • Fill content delivery requests for social media, brand management, editorial, video, media relations and video team
    • Supports photographers with direction and tasking before and after shoots: 
      • Coordinate file ingestion from vendor and quality check submissions for metadata requirements 
      • Assist in identifying expired content in DAM for renewing contractual usage terms and conditions. 
      • Light photo-editing duties 

    Minimum Qualifications

    • Associate degree, or 1-4 years of equivalent field experience in content management. 
    • Experience with or knowledge of Digital Asset Management systems. 
    • Fluency in digital asset management workflows, curation and archival structure. 
    • Adaptability to changing priorities, delivery schedules in a fast-paced environment. 
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and resiliency navigating cross-functional organizations. 

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Working knowledge of the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite 
    • Competency in Adobe Bridge or Camerabits Photo Mechanic 
    • Familiarity or experience with photography, graphics, video, and film production terminology and concepts; with a desire to learn and develop new video production skills. 
    • Ability to instruct creative team users with minimal content management skills, how to use DAM within the structure of their jobs. 
    • Apple operating system environment 
    • Understanding of AI, automated workflows and integrations 
    • Knowledge, training or certification in Amazon Web Services 
    • Understanding or knowledge of metadata terms and usage of creative content. 

      Contact:    Chris Barkoozis
      Director, Content Management Services