VCI’s classic movies available through AV’s MOD Catalog

Veteran studio is the latest to make content available to online retailers through Allied Vaughn’s On-Demand network of resellers

Minneapolis, MN (November XX, 2011) – VCI and Allied Vaughn today announced that titles included in VCI’s  VAULT CLASSICS library were being added to Allied Vaughn’s MOD collection of content for online retailers.  Allied Vaughn’s MOD catalog is used by both major Hollywood and smaller niche studios.  Dot-com resellers have migrated to these MOD systems, enabling them to carry a larger, deeper, and better selection of titles than brick and mortar retailers.

“Simply put, MOD will allow us to go deeper into our library than we’ve been able to go before, which means we should be able to release a lot more films than we have been able to do so far,” said Don Blair, Vice President of VCI.  “The MOD model allows us to take more chances on films that may have been deemed not commercial enough to warrant the higher production and inventory cost to make them available on standard DVD.”

“The Internet has been a huge boon to our business,” continued Blair.  “As the big retail chains and video store base has begun to retract, the dot-coms have been there to take up the slack.  Dot-coms don’t have the problem with shelf space that the brick-and-mortar retailers have, and have become the defacto DVD source for millions of movie fans – especially those looking for titles beyond the current Top 40 blockbuster hits. Because of MOD, we are now looking to expand our offerings on some of these more obscure but desirable genres. Overall MOD is a win-win for consumers and studios alike, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of Allied Vaughn’s growing catalog.”

About Allied Vaughn

Allied Vaughn ( is a leading video supply chain management company, and focuses on successfully bridging the worlds of physical and digital media management and distribution.

Their industry-leading MOD technology is the on-demand, zero-inventory choice of an impressive “A-list” of clients including most major Studios, Networks and Content Publishers.

The Digital Media Services unit helps clients prepare their titles for MOD distribution, or creates powerful interactive programs for virtually any  application.

The Optical Disc Team manages both small and large volume optical disc manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Allied Vaughn’s Digital Asset Management solution aggregates, catalogs and manages rich media libraries for Fortune 500 companies.

About VCI

VCI ( was formed in the 1960s, renting 16mm movies to schools, churches, prisons and state lodges. The company also began to grow its film collection and library. The business quickly expanded and became United Films Corp (UFC).

During the 1970s UFC became one of the largest non-theatrical film distributors in the U.S., licensing films from Universal, Warner Brothers, Columbia, United Artists, American International and many other independent studios and producers.

In 1975 the company built a video studio and began transferring its film assets to video tape. A year later the video business spun off as Video Communications, Inc. and VCI thrived with the growth of the home video business.

Today VCI embraces everything digital, from DVD and Blu-ray to streaming over the internet.  VCI’s library of film properties has grown to over 4000 titles strong.